Home Health News 100 days whooping cough on the rise in UK

100 days whooping cough on the rise in UK

100 days whooping cough on the rise in UK

As cases of whooping cough, or pertussis, surge across the country, individuals are sharing their experiences with the illness, shedding light on its severity and the need for heightened awareness.100 days whooping cough on the rise in UK

One such account comes from a woman, who, after experiencing what started as a mild cough in March, found herself battling severe coughing fits that left her struggling to breathe. “It’s like trying to breathe with a brick wall in your throat,” she describes.


What began as a personal ordeal has broader implications as whooping cough cases skyrocket. Individuals are struggling with a relentless cough that can last well beyond the 100-day mark.

100 days whooping cough on the rise in UK


While most adults and older children eventually recover, the risks remain significant. Pneumonia, broken ribs from coughing, and loss of consciousness are among the potential complications. For infants, particularly those under three months old, the disease can be life-threatening.


Early diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics are critical in curbing the spread of whooping cough. However, recognizing the symptoms can be challenging, particularly in older individuals where it may resemble a typical cough.


The importance of vaccination, especially for pregnant women, cannot be overstated. By protecting themselves, mothers also provide immunity to their unborn children. Yet, vaccination rates have been declining, leaving more individuals vulnerable to the disease.


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