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Happy Birthday Opomulero


Happy birthday Ruggedman. Hoping 9ice n Seriki’s diss track won’t get you down 2day..  Dance alanta jor

Top Musician impregnates GF


This is a fact. You can’t read this in the newspapers, you might get to read it may be in few weeks time, I never can tell, but that’s the more reason you need to stick to this blog, lol. This music star got really famous not too long ago, with a love song. The hit song was played everywhere, and not too long after that he broke up with his music producer, which got a lot of music lovers worried. Till date, they both don’t talk. His not too long girlfriend who is an undergraduate of one of the higher institutions in the country is currently carrying his baby. They had their introduction few weeks back, but it was strictly for family and friends. That is all I can say for now. But let me give you a clue on the guy. His name (real name) starts with the 1st alphabet and still ends with the 1st alphabet while his surname starts with the 10th alphabet. Whatever name you arrive at, you are on your own o, make no body come between me and my friend, lol.  

MEMO To A Naija Songstress.


She started few years back and we all thought there won’t be any babe who would be able to sing like her. She was hot and was a backup singer for a musician that we have never seen his face (that’s his own brand). She later went solo and didn’t do well. She is just newly married. There’s a new upcoming act that bears the same stage name with her. Her stage name is simply three letters. It starts with the 5th alphabet and follows with the 7th alphabet. Please if you are reading this and you know this singer, please help me tell her ‘igbo’ (weeds) is not the ‘inthing’, it destroys. I even learnt she takes it now, like her life depends on it. She

Actress Susan Peters Buys Range Rover


She started acting back in the days. But when the likes of us started watching Nigerian home videos, we couldn’t find her. If you call her a onetime actress you are not so wrong. But I learnt she is trying to get her fit back into Nollywood. But here’s the gist: the actress just acquired a N14.5M Range Rover and has been cruising around town with it. Come to think of it, when was the last time she acted in a movie? Hmm, my thoughts.
PICS: thnks to Niyi tabiti

Actress MONALISA CHINDA Marks birthday


Actress and Glo Ambassador Monalisa chinda, marked her birthday party yesterday, Sunday 19th of Sept. at Aura night club on the Island. The party was all fun as many of her colleagues were in attendance. It’s obvious that Monalisa has gotten over her failed marriage and now rocking life too d fullest. Here’s wishing her a happy belated bufday.
But I will still say my own… this ladies should please stop falling out of marriage, cos it seems they are making it like a trend now. If I start mentioning names, I won’t leave here today. Pls stop sending wrong signals to the younger folks. Marrying career? As if the career is even there, lol.

Olaitan Oladapo Olaonipekun Barrack O’Grin


Just saw one of his timelines on twitter. It hurts me dat u are gone forever. I knw dis is out rightly wrong, but I just cant help it wit d way I feel right now. I regret no’t meeting you up at GRA dat day, if only I knew i wouldn’t see u again shey I wld have made it. The nxt thing I heard was ur accident, I was gonna come on Wednesday, but Tunde told me it was bad u cldnt speak. I said ok, the next day den. Then they called me and said, we shld all go as a group on Saturday, I agreed, but u left us on Thursday. That nite I cldn’t sleep at home, it was like ur spirit was in d house, I cired, I cldnt help myself, cldnt ask God why. Sheyman did a tribute song for u, and I asked myself y u let dat happen, y did u allow naija stars sing 4u, whn u ought 2b alive and rule d game. Yea, its sad, I dnt sing. But at ur tribute a lot of ur colleagues were  there, they 4got abt u so soon, they were afta women, asking ladies out. I looked at them and felt sorry 4them, bcus it cld hav been anyone. If only u knew who ur true friends were, but now u see all of us, you knw the people that truly love u. Dnt knw y I tend to miss u now dat I know I cant see u. I knw u dnt knw u mean dis much 2me,but u do. U loved and appreciated me, whnever I called, u get excited and shout DUNNI. Now, hav got my fone wit me wit ur 2numbers, deleting them. Wot a life.  And dat car? Shit! I remember u sayin so dearly dat u were gonna make it, and jst one maxima and a new apartment, death came calling.  RIP, RIP….. still crying……but i will be fine..

Police Gets New Acting Inspector-General of Police


Hafiz A.Ringim, Acting IGP, Nigeria Police Force
The Federal Government has announced the appointment of AIG Hafiz A. Ringim, NPM,mni as the Acting Inspector-General of Police. Unitl his appointment, Acting IGP Hafiz A. Ringim was the Assistant Inspector-General of Police in-charge Zone 9 Police Command with Headquarters in Umuahia, Abia State.
Born on 1st April, 1953, Acting IGP Ringim joined the Nigeria Police Force as a Cadet Inspector on 1st March, 1977, and was promoted AIG in 2006.
An indigene of Jigawa State, Acting IGP Ringim was at various times the Commandant of Police Mobile Training School, Gwoza, and Commissioner of Police Bayelsa State. He was also, Commandant, Police Staff college, Jos, and AIG in-charge of Border Patrol. He is an alumnus of the national Institute of Public and Strategic Studies.

Top Ten Finalists for Gulder ultimate search Emerge


The three week long nationwide search for would be contestants in this year’s edition of  Gulder Ultimate Search 7, will on Saturday, September 18, 2010 produce the top 10 finalists  who would eventually make it to the jungle to square up against one another in a bid to  become the Last Man Standing this year.

The final ten will be revealed at the final selection party holding at the Lagoon  Restaurant, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos. They are expected to be picked from a  total of 18 contestants who scaled through the regional selection concluded in Lagos last  week.

The journey for the search started on August 10, 2010, when the sponsoring brand, Gulder,  held a press conference to kick-start the highly celebrated Tv reality programme.
Gulder Ultimate Search 7 has been specially packaged in a way that all the 10 contestants  that emerge after the rigorous regional screening would go home with a winning prize, the  least of which is N450, 000 for the first evictee. The last man standing will smile home  with a winning prize of N7 million, a N10 million worth SUV and a wardrobe allowance of  N500,000.
To ensure fair participation from prospective youths across the nation, the country was  divided into four geographical zones namely, Abuja for the North zone, Benin for the South  South zone, Owerri for the East zone and Lagos for the West zone.
Admission, which was through a publicised web address, was free, as long as the applicants  met the set criteria among which were age, height, health, marital status and educational  qualification.
The 10 finalists, will be taken to the undulating plains of the Ogun State Forestry  Plantation Project, Area J4, Omo Forest Reserve in Ijebu East LGA, Ogun State to search for  the missing ultimate treasure. “Only these League of Ultimate men and women will enter this  forest so dense even sunlight struggles to permeate. These men and  ladies will battle  against nature and the wild. At the end, one of them who finds the missing treasure will be  crowned ‘THE ULTIMATE HERO’’.

Its 2baba’s day!


Yeah, today is Tuface’s birthday. My cuz’s wedding too. And Monday 20th, is Ruggedman’s birthday. So also, my bestest, my best friend’s birthday. Same Monday a millennium drama will unfold. This same Monday, something new is happening in my life…… All this for one day? God please save our souls to make us see the day and let it be one of the best I will ever remember. Wishing tuface a splendid day…. implica-ti-on– par-par-par,lol *in tuface voice*

Update on latest Love Saga..

9ice n Ex

One Sweetness Adekeye comes in… 
Calls 9ice manager GAY
Manager replies; she is only trying to get back at me, cos I dumped her…

There is another dimension to the Toni Payne vs 9ice saga on twitter, one Sweetness Adekeye calls out 9ice’s manager and alleges that he is the cause of the rift between him and his wife, She goes ahead to claim that the manager engages in shady deals behind 9ice’s  back and that the manager is gay, She also claims the manager is heavily into voodoo and has used it to cajole 9ice into turning against his wife, closest friends and family. This will amaze you, at the same time, I can’t stop laughing. When will this drama end? And now one Sweetness Adekoye? Anyway, I will be posting Oladehinde Fajana’s pic, but won’t post Sweetness Adekoye’s pic, cos I don’t intend making anyone famous, lol.  

N.B. No one has been able to prove that what this babe is saying is true.
FACT: Oladehinde, 9ice manager is happily married with two kids, so I don’t know where the gay story is coming from. Anyway sit back and relax as you enjoy this comedy-drama.
9ice manager

Check out an extract from her timeline, her handle is SWEETNESS1231.



Most of them are members of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP. They are randy, socially active men who have been keeping the feminine gender happy, “empowering”, increasing ‘party members’, and generally ensuring the dividends of democracy gets to all and sundry directly or indirectly. Here are the randiest men in Ogun State Politics (part one)

Handsome: His sexual exploits was legendary before he was made a Commissioner. Quite good looking, smooth talker and a smashy dresser, it is rumored his ticket to the Federal House of Representatives is secured, reason why this engineer turned politician is firing from all cylinders to ensure he has the unprecedented followership, mostly made up of females who come in different shapes and sizes. From bankers to entrepreneurs, students to traders, our man is on top of his game.

Mr. Perfect
—- this man has been topping the charts since this administration came on board, smooth talker, good dress sense but goes for anything in skirts. From Yewa axis, the man shares the same first name with a medical doctor from Abeokuta who is eyeing the governorship seat of the state. Grapevine has it that staffers at his bureau can testify to his many sexcapades, he is even said to be a Liverpool fan which explains all…

Mr. Consistent: Our man is like wine, it appears he gets better with age. From his days as a two term lawmaker in the state’s House of Assembly to being a council boss, he has been spreading and showing love to female folks. This popular and admired political stalwart has a hotel in the state capital of Abeokuta. He is from Ogun Central Senatorial district.

Bankers Delight:
He was initially thought to be a pastor. Easy going, none drinking and definitely, does not smoke. Recent happenings have however given reasons that he could not be excluded from our list. Tall dark and quite fit, this Special Assistant majors in female bankers in the state, especially the yet to be married ones. Our man shares the same surname with a renowned philanthropist who died in incarceration some years back.

Corpers’ Haven—:
It was written sometimes back that this man does not stammer when chatting up a chic, his specialty is with those on Youth Service in the state. The CEO of a well patronized eatery and pub in the state capital, the man has no apologies anyway. There is no doubt that our man is tasteful, in his mid 50s, this photo genius was heard quoting a verse in the bible recently….the verse? Your guess is as good as mine…Isaiah 4 verse 1…

Widow’s Comforter:
This multilingual has so many unique qualities, widely traveled, learned and actively social. Aside young widows, our man that has striking similarities to the immediate past president of the country (first names inclusive) is also sympathetic to divorcees and single mothers, and peradventure, a straying married one comes to range.

Early Riser:
This one is a very smooth operator, it is being opined in many quarters that he brings home ghosts. Reason being that he brings his female friends home very late and they disappear before the cock crows, hence he is being labeled ‘early riser’. Fair in complexion, not too tall, our man is also a Special Assistant in charge of outdoor communications…

Lyrical and M.C Hammer:
The duo cannot be separated; they work closely together. Naturally, they share lots of things together, the feminine specie inclusive. Both have had stints with students’ activism in their different higher institutions, (both institutions are in Abeokuta). It is said that while the former (Lyrical) is in a class of his own, speaks well, dresses the part and the toast of the ladies from his days as a music presenter at a state owned television station, the other, who has more of the Students’ Unionism background has a more forceful approach. Both are good at ‘mobilizing’ but, most often than not, always disagree on who the ‘rebel’ leader really is between them. The latter has however been in the administration for a better part than his pal, who joined in the last term of the system. Lyrical is from Abeokuta while MC Hammer is from Yewa. To be continued.

Finding the Right Man


Finding the right man is one part common sense and one part preparation.
You can devise a plan to get that man – read on.
How do you find Mr. Right? That is the question that hundreds of women from every persuasion want to know. In these fast times of dating and mating and love on the run, it seems that more and more women want to know how to find the right man. For those who are starting over, just beginning or somewhere in the middle dating can be overwhelming. For many women dating has become a game of lies and manipulation.

Fear of being alone or fear of blowing a rocky relationship has made some of us give up on love all together. When finding a partner seems like an insurmountable task it’s easy to become overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. The good news is, finding the right man is not as difficult as you might think. It’s a matter of identifying the things you do to sabotage your chances as well as developing some common sense principles for selecting your mate.
Finding the right man is not about playing games or lowering your standards, it’s about being honest with yourself and widening your mate selection options. Can you find the right man for the real you? Follow these guidelines and get ready to meet your mate.

1. Broaden Your Mate Selection Options
Start noticing men that you may not have noticed before. Don’t limit yourself to dating a very specific type of man. Go out with different types of men and broaden your horizons. This does not mean that you should lower your standards. It simply means that you should get your wish list in order. Even if you don’t make a love connection you’ve made a new friend. And remember he has friends.

2. Separate The Package From The Packaging
There’s an old cliché that goes, “everything that glitters aren’t gold.” Stop looking for a man who looks good on paper. I realize this is easier said than done because, we live in a very materialistic society where people are judged by the labels they carry instead of their internal characteristics. When you choose a man based on superficial qualities you will end up emotionally bankrupt.

3. Don’t Allow Friends And Family To Set The Standards For The Men You Date
It never ceases to amaze me, how many women allow their well-intentioned but clueless friends and family members talk them out of dating a guy because he didn’t measure up to their standards. Are you willing to throw away your chance at happiness with someone special because other people don’t approve of your choice? Unless they have some solid information to share with you politely tell them to bud out.

4. Ask Questions Before You Become Too Intimately Involved
Would you buy a car without asking the salesperson what features it has and finding out if you could take it for a test drive? Of course you wouldn’t, because you want to select the right one. Then why would you become intimately involved with a man without asking him the right questions so that you can increase your chances of making the right choice. Ask questions about his family history, past relationships, goals and values. Find out what he thinks about family, love and commitment. Find out about his spiritual beliefs. By asking the right questions you’ll have enough information to decide if you should pursue the relationship.

5. Develop An Emotional Bond Before You Have Sex          
Picture this scenario. You meet a cute guy. Body parts are thumping. Before you know it you are getting your groove on. The next morning you feel awkward and embarrassed. You’re wondering. Is he going to think I’m easy? Will I see him again? Should I pursue a relationship or should I play it calm, cool and collective? This whole scenario may have been prevented if you held back the booty until you established an emotional bond. Having sex too soon is one of the biggest mistakes that many women make. To ensure that you end up with an intimate partner instead of a screw buddy postpone having sex until you absolutely without a doubt know it’s the right time.

6. Don’t Date Men Who Belong To Other Women
Every woman has a wish list of characteristics she’s looking for in a perspective partner, but on the top of that list should be the word “available”. Unless you are a glutton for punishment your Mr. Right should not be attached to anyone else. If you find out that your ideal mate belongs to another stop seeing him immediately. Yo

7. Pay Attention To Warning Signs That Tell You You’re Headed For Trouble
Pay attention to that voice in your head or that gut feeling that tells you to stop, look and listen. The voice of intuition is your inner guide which protects you and leads you towards your ultimate destiny. Listen to it.
u deserve your own man.

8. Treat Him The Way You Want To Be Treated
Set the standards for your relationship by treating your man the way you want to be treated. If you want him to be more romantic start by romancing him. If you want him to be open and honest start by being open and honest with him. Most importantly, don’t play games, tricks are for kids.
9. Don’t Fall In Love With His Potential
As women we have a wonderful way of seeing the potential in things. We can walk into an empty room and turn it into the Taj Mahal. The problem arises when we apply this same concept to our relationships. You end up falling in love with who you want him to become rather than who he really is. Remember, what you see is what you get.
10. Find Yourself Before You Find A Man
Being alone does not mean being lonely. Take this time to find out who you are. Develop personal goals and pursue them. Pamper yourself. Don’t jump from one relationship into another. Enjoy spending time with yourself. It’s your life. Live it.
Source: wikihow.com




Sweet Sensation and Big Treat both in the state capital of Abeokuta is posing as a big health threat to hundreds of people that throng there on daily basis. Do not say I told you that the duo has toilets that will make you puke and the disgusting odour… Those in charge of the environment and health should as a matter of urgency visit these places and all others most especially as there are reported cases of cholera outbreak in the country…..did someone just mention Mama Cass?

KSA’S mother burial programmes out


Indication that the burial of the mother of King Sunny Ade, late princess Mariam Adegeye is going to be one of the biggest tourist events in the city of Ondo emerged during the week as the committee in charge of the programme rolled out the events.

 Speaking on the burial ceremonies in Lagos, the chairman of the committee, Mr. Clement Ige, said King Sunny Ade himself is humbled by the massive responses to the news of the death of his mother, both locally and internationally.
“Apart from responses by well meaning Nigerians to be part of the programme, the support from his constituency, the entertainment world is overwhelming as hundreds of artistes from Nigeria and foreign countries continuously indicate their readiness to participate in the burial events,” said Mr. Clement Ige, adding that this is why the committee has particularly designed an “Artiste Night” as part of the one week ceremonies.
The burial ceremonies he said, kicks off on Monday September 20th with a “Service of songs” at King Sunny Ade’s family house, in Bariga Lagos, and moves to Ondo town on Wednesday 22nd where the “Artiste Night” holds at the Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre from 8pm.
 The final burial event kicks off on Friday 24th September with an Interdenominational service at the main hall of the Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo to be followed by Entertainment and Social Events at the Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre, where PMAN President, Admiral Dele Abiodun will lead top Nigerian Musicians on the band stand.

Desmond Elliot is a dad again.


Yesterday 16th September, 2010, actor Desmond Elliot welcomed another set of twins with his wife, Vickie. They have both had a set of twins, two boys before now. We learnt the family has been full of praises ever since the boy and girl arrived. But na wa o, one shot from the actor na twins…. Some guys need to ask Desmond how he dey do am.

Dele Momodu submits letter of intent to Labour Party


Bashorun Dele Momodu on wednesday submitted his letter of intent to contest for president on the platform of the Labour Party (LP).
Momodu presented the letter to National Chairman, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu at the party headquarters in Abuja.
Momodu, who was accompanied by his Campaign Manager, Ohimai Amaize and other members of his campaign staff, was received by Nwanyanwu; Deputy National Chairman, Alhaji Abacha and National Secretary, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkadir Salam.
Momodu extolled the vision of Labour Party under its current leadership as the last hope of the common man.
Nwanyanwu commended the courage, foresight and vision of Momodu, describing him as a loyal and financial party member since he joined Labour Party early last year. He also noted that by this letter, Momodu is the first member of the party to have officially declared his intention to fly the party’s flag in next year’s presidential election.
The Dele Momodu Presidential Campaign Organisation yesterday also released its official logo and slogan for the campaign. According to Amaize, the logo “is a creative expression of a human thumbprint protected by a circle of thirty-seven (37) stars symbolizing the power of the exercised mandate for Bashorun Dele Momodu protected by the Nigerian people in the thirty-six (36) states and Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The campaign has adopted ‘Our time has come’ as its official slogan.”

L-R: Dr. Denja Yaqub, Assistant Secretary, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC); Alhaji Ali Abacha, Deputy National Chairman, Labour Party (LP); Chief (Dr.) Dan Uwayanwu, National Chairman, Labour Party (LP); Bashorun Dele Momodu, Labour Party (LP) Presidential Aspirant; Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkadir Salam, National Secretary, Labour Party (LP) and Ohimai Godwin Amaize, National Coordinator of the Dele Momodu Presidential Campaign Organisation shortly after Bashorun Momodu’s declaration.

Drama etcetera…….


Okay, what is this? Your guess is as good as mine. 9ice & R? Oh my goodness, this is getting messy. Yea, we know 9ice announced he is ready with a diss track @Ruggedy.  Toni Payne, 9ice ex, also took her anger to twitter, and the drama never ends. talk i’m listening, that’s d name of the diss track. September 20th, what will happen? Ruggedman’s birthday and a surprise gift from 9ice…. Oh Lord save our souls…phew.

I’m single and ready to mingle


She is a known face in the movie industry. Eniola Badmus, better known as Gbogbo big girls, is a popular character she played in the award-winning Yoruba movie, Jenifa. Badmus often tells whoever cares to listen that she is big and beautiful. She made her entry into the movie industry 13 years ago with the movie, Brutal times and love affairs. Ever since, she has featured in different movies. She recently declared her status saying, ‘she is single and ready to mingle’.

On her kind of guy?

I want a man that is tall and big on the average, not as big as I am though but someone on the average size. My kind of man must be brilliant, sexy, caring and tall. He must be a comfortable person. Not too rich, not too low.

Benin Oba wants Swedish help on s*x trade


In a bid to discourage Nigerian girls from working as prostitutes abroad, the Benin traditional ruler, Oba Erediauwa, has urged the Swedish government and other industrialized nations to help rebuild Nigeria’s economy so there will be more job opportunities for the youth.

The Benin monarch said this would reduce the number of desperate young women used as s*x slaves across the globe. Hundreds of Nigerians, including a large number of young girls had, in recent times, been deported from European countries for several offenses, especially prostitution and human trafficking.
The oba made the appeal yesterday when he received the Deputy Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria, Svante Edquist in his palace in Benin City.
He also wondered how people engaged in trafficking and international prostitution are able to obtain visas and other travelling documents. He told the envoy that prostitution was alien to the Benin culture and it was time for western countries to do something to stop the ugly trend.

Gunmen kill EFCC’s forensic team leader in Kaduna


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is mourning the loss of its key operative, Abdullahi Muazu, who was killed yesterday in his home in Kaduna. Mr Muazu was, until his death, the head of the Forensic Unit of the anti-graft agency.

The EFCC says that there is not enough evidence to suspect any particular person, as Mr Muazu had been involved in several EFCC cases. An operative of the agency, who asked not to be named, told NEXT in Abuja that Mr Muazu was very involved in the ongoing trials of the bank chiefs who were sacked by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) last year.

“Muazu was involved in virtually all our cases because he was the head of the Forensic Unit, so it is difficult to say that we suspect any particular person,” the EFCC official said. “I know that he was very much involved in all the trials of the Bank Chiefs, you know with checking finger prints and all that.” The spokesman of the commission, Femi Babafemi, in a press statement made available to NEXT, condemned the killing; adding that the anti-graft agency is strengthening its resolve to go ahead with its duties.

“Information reaching the Commission today confirms that our head of forensic unit was killed in a cruel manner in the early hours of today by unknown assailants. Those behind this attack may have succeeded in killing a strategic hand and a key witness in some of our on-going cases, but their act has failed to dampen our spirit or deter us from continuing our investigation and prosecution of all forms of economic crimes and corruption in the country,” Mr Babafemi said.

Mr Babafemi also said that the commission has launched an immediate investigation into the matter.

Mr Muazu’s death is coming just one day after the gruesome murder of an agent of the State Security Service (SSS), Garba Bello, who was killed alongside his children and wife in Kano.

Source: 234next.com