Home Business BBC spends £400k on school fees for overseas staff’s kids

BBC spends £400k on school fees for overseas staff’s kids

BBC spends £400k on school fees for overseas staff's kids

Recent reports reveal that the BBC has allocated nearly £400,000 for school fees in the past year alone, covering the education expenses of children belonging to foreign-based journalists. This amounts to around £20,000 per child.BBC spends £400k on school fees for overseas staff's kids

Data indicates a significant increase in spending compared to the previous financial year, with the corporation allocating approximately £50,000 more for school fees this year. Over two years, BBC has disbursed nearly £750,000 for this purpose.

The figures, disclosed under Freedom of Information rules, show that from April 2023 to mid-March 2024, 20 children of 10 employees based abroad benefited from these funds, totalling £398,307 for their education. In the preceding year, £348,808 was spent on 17 children of nine staff members stationed outside the UK.

While the BBC clarified that these payments are made for children of staff deployed overseas where adequate local state education is unavailable, critics argue that license fee payers might be unhappy about funding school fees.

The BBC, however, maintains that such financial support is provided only in exceptional cases, following strict contractual guidelines. They emphasize that no fees are paid for UK-based staff and defend the necessity of supporting employees deployed globally for the corporation’s international news coverage.

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