Home Technology Biden urged to ban China-made electric vehicles

Biden urged to ban China-made electric vehicles

Biden urged to ban China-made electric vehicles

Senator Sherrod Brown, chair of the Senate Banking Committee, has urged President Joe Biden to ban imports of Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) due to security risks.Biden urged to ban China-made electric vehicles

Brown emphasizes that Chinese EVs pose a threat to the American auto industry and suggests imposing steep tariffs or a complete ban. In February, the White House initiated an investigation into the national security implications of Chinese cars.

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Brown asserts that allowing Chinese EVs into the US market risks data security and could compromise national interests. China, a major car producer, faces scrutiny over its trade practices, with concerns raised about unfair competition and data collection through connected vehicles.

The US-China trade relationship remains tense, with ongoing disputes over tariffs and market access. Biden’s administration faces pressure to address these issues and safeguard American interests in the face of growing competition from China.

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