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Couple Who Got ‘Turkey Teeth’ For £4000 Unable To Eat Nor Drink

Turkey teeth

Couple Who Got ‘Turkey Teeth’ For £4000 Unable To Eat Nor Drink

A couple who flew to Turkey and spent £4000 on veneers have warned others not to follow in their footsteps after they were left in “constant pain” and were barely able to eat or drink.

Jade Tushingham, 32, and her partner Kelly Tushingham, 30, travelled to Antalya, in September 2022 to have their new ‘Turkey teeth’ fitted after being lured in by the cheaper prices.

But the money-saving decision quickly became a “nightmare” which they said has “ruined their lives”.

Jade, from Chester, said that the couple had lots of friends who’d had it done and told them it didn’t hurt so they decided to get the veneers fitted even though their teeth “were actually OK” before.

The couple planned to combine getting their new teeth with a relaxing beach holiday but the procedure — which involved shaving down their teeth before fitting the new set of veneers over the top of them — left them in agony.

Jade told the Manchester Evening News: “Even now, we’re both still in constant pain. All the food at the hotel looked beautiful, but we just couldn’t eat any of it.

“We survived on mashed potatoes and soup, even drinking was difficult as our teeth were so sensitive. Looking back now, we 100 per cent would not have had it done.”

”It’s cost us so much money and it’s been hell. We used some savings we already had to pay for it doing. They look lovely, and in pictures are perfect but it’s like a nightmare.”

The couple arrived for their procedures on September 24, 2022, and spent the first day at the clinic near their hotel for the first stage of the transformation.

The pair each had to have their teeth filed down, which they say caused them “instant pain”.

They then had to wait for around five hours with “shark teeth” before having temporary veneers fitted.

The temporary veneers had to be kept in for five days before they could get their permanent ones and in the meantime their shaved down “stubs” made it difficult for them to eat or drink due to the sensitivity.

When they finally returned for their permanent veneers Jade said there was “blood everywhere”.

The pair were initially told they wouldn’t need to be numbed but soon asked to be because of how much pain they were in.

Jade and Kelly were happy with the appearance of their new teeth afterwards, but after leaving Turkey a week later they were still in severe pain.

After messaging the dentist on Instagram they were told to take Ibuprofen, which they say hasn’t helped.

They’re now four months into the new teeth and say that after giving it six months they might need to fly back to Turkey to have them fixed because “no dentists in the UK would even touch them”.

The couple spent a total of £4,240 altogether for both of their veneers, significantly cheaper than the £20,000 it can cost in the UK.

But despite the lower price, they’ve now been warning their friends against getting them done.

Jade said: “Our teeth visually do look lovely, and we have people asking us all the time where we had them done because they want theirs doing.

“We always say no, absolutely do not have them done. We would never recommend them to anyone.”

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