Home Unrest Education, child safety under threat in Haiti

Education, child safety under threat in Haiti

Education, child safety under threat in Haiti

In Haiti, ongoing violence has severely put education and child safety under threat, with repeated school closures and mass displacement.Haiti declares state of emergency after 4000 inmates break free!

Port-au-Prince, the capital, is particularly affected, as gangs control key areas, leading to tens of thousands fleeing the city. Half of the 360,000 displaced people are children, according to the United Nations, hampering their development.

Despite challenges, determined youth like 19-year-old Keslay Antoine strive to pursue education, aiming to contribute to their country’s development. However, others, like 20-year-old Iden Joseph, face financial barriers, resorting to selling homemade lunches while holding onto aspirations for a better future.

Maternity centres, crucial for infant health in a country with the highest infant mortality rate in the Western hemisphere, continue to provide essential services. The situation worsened after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021, leading to a power vacuum filled by armed gangs, exacerbating social unrest and political instability.

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