Home Health News Hospital knife attack leaves at least 3 de3d

Hospital knife attack leaves at least 3 de3d

Hospital knife attack leaves at least 3 de3d

More than 10 people suffered injuries in a brutal assault at a hospital in southwest China. Unnamed authorities reported that two people have tragically lost their lives.Hospital knife attack leaves at least 3 de3d

The attack, which occurred at Zhenxiong County People’s Hospital in Zhaotong city, left several individuals wounded.

Details emerged of a knife attack unfolding on Tuesday in Yunnan province, with reports indicating more than 10 casualties. According to Guizhou province television, citing unnamed sources, the incident resulted in two fatalities and left 23 others injured.

Hospital knife attack leaves at least 3 de3d

Following the attack, authorities apprehended a suspect, although their identity remains unconfirmed. Witnesses recounted harrowing scenes, with one narrowly escaping the onslaught and revealing that among the injured were medical personnel.


Videos circulating on social media depicted the chaos, raising concerns of more than 20 individuals wounded and fears of additional fatalities. While mass violence incidents are uncommon in China due to stringent firearm regulations, recent years have witnessed a rise in stabbing incidents.

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This alarming event echoes past tragedies, including a knife assault at a primary school in 2020 that left 40 injured. Parents anxiously awaited news of their children’s safety, highlighting the ongoing threat posed by such senseless violence.

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