I Get Gifts All the Time… The Biggest One Is a Murano from a Fan

    Bimbo Thomas is a Yoruba actress. In what you are about to read, Bimbo narrates here how she got a Murano Jeep from a fan. Hehehe when will someone dash me a Murano too…ahn ahn… it’s not fair now. Bloggers work day and night to inform people. We practically have no other life than this…ok if you don’t dash me dash another blogger. I hope someone is reading this… na me make u dash o….lol…Please click to read her story…

    I got a call one day and the person asked if I’m Bimbo Omo Getto.
    I answered in affirmation then he said, I’m a huge fan and he started saying a lot of things. Next he said that he wouldn’t want to embarrass me but would like to give me a car gift. I was like are you kidding me or is this a scam?
    To show how serious he was, he offered to send his driver to deliver the Murano Jeep to me. I have seen a lot. Some people have told me that if I do the role over and over again, they will still watch it. But I tell them that as an actress, if I can do that very good, that means I can also do the same role extremely better.
    When asked if she saw the car gift coming her way the time it did, hear what she said, “no, I didn’t. I had a car that I was using before that Murano Jeep came in.”
    What Bimbo did not comment on is what happened afterwards with the fan, if he asked for anything in return of the good gesture. However, we are happy for her that a fan has really appreciated her effort.

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