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I Was A Blind & Crying Baby When I criticised Tinubu – Mr Jollof

I Was A Blind & Crying Baby When I criticised Tinubu – Mr Jollof

Popular comedian Mr Jollof has said the times he criticized APC Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu were times he was a blind baby and a crying one too.

Recall Mr Jollof now supports presidential candidate, and was even seen in a video where his son — Seyi Tinubu introduced the funny man to Asiwaju  himself.

His new stand has generated alot of comments as Nigerians dug out old videos where he criticized Tinubu.

Reacting to the videos and insults that has followed, Mr Jollof said he should be left alone has he was only a BABY and now he knows better.

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He said: “Go and support your Atiku and Peter Obi. Leave me alone with my Asiwaju, leave me alone. Whatever I said about Asiwaju, I was blind; now I can see.

“I was a baby then, I was a baby (making sounds like a crying baby). Now, I’m a man. I can decide what I want. I can see things the way they are.

“I can’t just share things that are not appropriate. If you people are angry and bitter, channel it to the presidency. Don’t channel it to my candidate.

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“Tinubu na president? Abi Tinubu na governor? No be since 2007 naim finish comot for office? E hold any office again? What’s you people’s problem?! Go and support your candidate and leave him alone.

“Whatever I said about him before, I was a baby.”

“Election na competition go and sell your candidate !!! See you on Election Day. I am BATTIFIED,” he captioned the video.

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