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Indian Boy, 12, Has Bones That Can Shatter At The Slightest Touch Like He’s ‘Made Of Glass’

Indian Boy, Bones That Can Shatter

A boy who has broken 100 bones during his life has been described as if he’s “made of glass” due to his rare bone condition.

Rohit, 12, suffers from an illness known as osteoporosis, more commonly known as brittle bone disease.

In his case it is so severe that the slightest touch can cause one of his bones to break – which has left him ostracised and unable to play with other kids.

Indian Boy, Bones That Can Shatter, Made Of Glass boy

Rohit’s condition has also hampered his ability to grow, with him standing at just 1ft4 tall and weighing just 2st 4lbs.

Over his short lifetime, he has broken almost 100 bones, which averages out to around eight a year.

Rohit, who is from Uttar Pradesh, India, is entirely dependent on moving with the help of his mother.

With no school enrolling him due to his condition, Rohit is taught how to read by his older sister, and is in horrible pain for most of the day.

However, despite his condition, the young child has his heart set on becoming a singer when he grows up and doesn’t plan to let his illness stand in the way.

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