Home News Kano Hisbah boss, Daurawa RESIGNS

Kano Hisbah boss, Daurawa RESIGNS

kano Hisbah boss, Daurawa RESIGNS
kano Hisbah boss, Daurawa RESIGNS

The Commander of Kano State’s moral police, (Hisbah) Aminu Daurawa, has resigned his appointment

kano Hisbah boss, Daurawa RESIGNS
kano Hisbah boss, Daurawa RESIGNS

Mr Daurawa’s resignation on Friday followed Governor Abba Yusuf’s criticism of the Hisbah, which has been conducting raids on suspected blackspots of immoral activities in the state.

Mr Daurawa in a 2:53 minutes video on his Facebook page said he resigned his appointment because of the governor’s criticism.

“I was in Kaduna State with the Kano State lawmakers on an official assignment when I heard some discouraging comments from Kano State.

“I have done my best to ensure a good moral society where I have invited filmmakers and tik-tokers, I used my money with that of subordinates and empowered the tic-toke to buy Data, and I counselled them on morality.

“I invited Murja Kunya and her group also, I counselled and prayed for them to be responsible persons some of them went back to the wrong ways.

“I have done my best but I am seeking forgiveness from the governor for annoying him, I resigned from my position as the Hisbah commander”, Mr Daurawa said.

Governor Yusuf had expressed dissatisfaction with the operations of Hisbah, while hosting a group of Ulamas at the Government House, on Thursday.

“I was disturbed when I saw a video of the Hisbah operations raiding suspected places of immoral activities. They beat the suspects with sticks and while they were running some officials squeezed their legs and packed them in a vehicle like animals. This is not right.

“In this kind of operation someone, if not of God’s protection, may have a spinal cord injury and you made him permanently deformed.

“It’s a mistake to be hugging young women and men and throwing them inside a Hilux like goats. I saw a video of how the Hisbah raided students dormitories of Bayero University (off campus), beating and squeezing them in a vehicle.

“With this, I believe that something must be done to correct the abnormalities. The Hisbah must initiate means of tackling immorality in a moral way to achieve the desired objectives otherwise the people they are trying to correct will go astray.

“May Allah protect us. If these children go astray we don’t know what the state will look like,” the governor said.

The governor said the Hisbah should collaborate with the police, Civil Defence Corps and other security agencies in arresting suspects and charge them to court without brutality.

The governor’s remarks were in reaction to a controversy that followed the arrest and arraignment of Murja Kunya, a popular Tik-toker and her supporters.

Ms Kunya was arrested last month by Hisbah officials at her residence with her boyfriend following complaints by her neighbours. She was arraigned for allegedly posting inappropriate and un-Islamic content on TikTok.

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