Late Audu’s Son Finally Reveals What Killed Him

    Almost two years since the demise of his father, eldest son of late Abubakar Audu, a former Governor of Kogi State and All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the November 21, 2015, governorship election in the state, Mohammed Audu, has sensationally revealed that his father died of peptic ulcer. Enjoy part of his interview with The Sun below…

    Prior to your father’s death, not much was heard about you. You shot into limelight at that time. Looking back, how would you describe that period?

    I must tell you that was probably the most trying time of my life. As you said rightfully, I was not in the limelight at the time. I was a private business man and I was doing my things quietly. I was not even involved in politics. Naturally, my father was the head of the family. He shouldered the whole responsibilities.

    So, life was very easy and straightforward at that time and I am not someone who aspires to be in the public domain in any case. There was actually no need for me to be there. But after he died, it became a responsibility that I had to take on. And that is why you hear of me in some places.

    Was there any premonition or signs that your father was going to pass away at that time?
    No clue. No sign of it.

    At all?
    At all. It was a rude shock.

    Personally, how do you see your father’s death?

    It is still very shocking. I don’t know if I would ever come out of it because right now, I am still in a trance. I don’t know what is going on.

    Your father was almost winning that election. Did you suspect any spiritual attack or underhand dealing in his death?

    No. We didn’t grow up to believe in any spiritual attack. More so, I know that he died of bleeding peptic ulcer. I knew he was under pressure, I knew a lot of things went wrong at the time, but then, as for the election, he was coasting home to victory.

    Not that he was going to win; he had won. It was just for the miscalculation of INEC that made them to say it was inconclusive. But in my opinion, he had won fair and square.

    So, he had health challenges?
    Not before that time. As I said, it was ulcer. And even when the doctor was examining him two days earlier whether he had ulcer, he said no because he didn’t know he had ulcer.

    But how is the family doing?
    The family is good. We are just trying to put the pieces together. You know when the head of the family goes like this, the process of recovery and trying to step into his shoes is not exactly very easy. So, we are all pulling together, trying our best to see how we can come out of the shock and continue with his legacy.

    No division in the family?

    No. He didn’t raise his family to have any division. Naturally, there are disagreements between siblings, which could happen to anybody anywhere at any time. It is not because he is alive or dead. So, we still have that kind of thing. But you disagree today, agree tomorrow and that is the same thing that goes on.

    After your father’s death, you aligned with Faleke to be his running mate. What went wrong thereafter?

    I realized their relationship was purely political. And I not being a politician, I only made myself available for political engagements. But I had a private life outside that and the circumstances that brought them together were not made clear to me. I don’t think he felt the need to continue with me in any case. So, I have just decided to stay back.

    Do you have any regret aligning with him at that time?

    I can never regret what my father did. The point I am trying to make to you is that there was no choice. It wasn’t an option to me. He is somebody who was my father’s deputy. Why would I go to another person? I am not a prodigal son. I must go with the choice of my father. That was why I went to him.

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