Ajebutter is the debut Album from Nigerian singer/songwriter MARENIKAE. An eclectic mix of rich African culture meshed with Western European subtexts and overtones, the project is a refreshing journey into the mind of a Nigerian millennial with womanist roots.

    The album is bold and tasteful. The pace is familiar, marked with African drum beats and patterns, yet complemented by MARENIKAE’s signature sound which is rooted in a blend of neo soul and afropop with electronic vibes throughout.

    Her vocals range from sultry, to passionate; flirtatious to bold; transitioning between tracks and sometimes verses.  Besides its cultural influence, Ajebutter is the product of the millennial mind-set challenging age old beliefs and cultural norms.

    You can hear the range of Marenikae’s musical influences on the album ranging all the way from Nigerian artists like 9ice & Styl-plus to British Freddie Mercury and 90’s girl group Spice Girls.

    The term Aje-butter is a Nigerian slang that seeks to devalue children of the affluent pitting their privileged birth against society’s perception of them. MARENIKAE recalls being taunted with the term throughout childhood.

    After growing into her ‘’independence’’ as an artist she jumped at the opportunity to redefine the cultural label that creates a socioeconomic division and prohibits inclusion into the larger society. The album was released March 11th 2018.                 

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