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Model ADMITS using 21 phone numbers to stalk footballer, Mason Mount after one night stand

Mason Mount

Model ADMITS using 21 phone numbers to stalk footballer, Mason Mount after one night stand

Instagram model Orla Sloan, who calls herself “Devil Baby” has admitted stalking England soccer star Mason Mount after a one-night stand, flooding him with calls from 21 different numbers while threatening to “destroy” him.

Sloan, 21, pleaded guilty Wednesday to stalking Mount, 24, as well as Scottish national player Billy Gilmour, 21, whom she lied about getting her pregnant even though they never had s3x, London Magistrates’ Court was told.

Mason Mount

She also admitted harassing Mount’s Chelsea teammate Ben Chilwell, 26, who introduced them at a November 2020 party at his home, the Evening Standard said.

After the party, “Mr. Mount and Ms. Sloan slept together once,” prosecutor Jason Seetal told the court.

“There was communication between them for around six months, [before] Mr. Mount decided that the relationship wasn’t going to progress anymore. He decided to end contact with Ms. Sloan,” he said.

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“Upon informing Miss Sloan of this he has been subjected to a bombardment of messages,” the prosecutor said, according to Agence France-Presse.

“He began asking her to stop messaging him before blocking the number” — only to “receive messages from new numbers,” Seetal said.

Sloan used at least 21 different phone numbers, even goading Mount by sending a receipt for one of them, the court was told.

“I’m not buying food anymore so I can get more numbers, I will be faster than you,” she wrote.

Mason Mount

While some messages were apologetic, others warned about Sloan’s alter-ego, “Devil Baby.”

“You and Ben [Chilwell] will be destroyed,” she wrote in one.

“Beware of devil baby Mason, I can morph in a second.”

Sloan admitted stalking Mount between June and October 2022, and harassing Chilwell during the final week of the creepy campaign, making online collages while spreading phony stories about his s3x life.

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In the final weeks of the unholy harassment, she also turned on Gilmour, claiming online he got her pregnant, forcing her to abort it.

Those claims were “completely fictitious” and Gilmour “has never been in an intimate relationship with Ms. Sloan,” the prosecutor stated.

Gilmour, who now plays for Brighton, said he eventually had to cut off contact with friends and female acquaintances on social media to protect them from his stalker.

“Persistent contact targeted not only at myself but my friends and family has had a negative impact on me,” he said in a statement to the court, recounting he was left “extremely stressed” and struck by “feelings of panic.”

“I have not been able to sleep and have been taking sleeping tablets. It had a knock-on effect on my performance,” he said.

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