Home News Model’s 38J Bre*st Implant BURSTS, Left With ‘Alien Unib**b’

Model’s 38J Bre*st Implant BURSTS, Left With ‘Alien Unib**b’


Model’s 38J Bre*st Implant BURSTS, Left With ‘Alien Unib**b’


A Canadian model who is addicted to extreme plastic surgery has been left looking like an ‘alien’ after one of her 10kg breast implants exploded.

Mary Magdalene, 30, has spent more than $100,000 on surgery over the years and almost died on the operating table several times.

Her extensive procedures have also left her with severe back pain, meaning she needs a wheelchair to get around.

In the latest setback for the troubled star, one of her 5000cc implants has now burst, leaving her with an enormous ‘uniboob’ and a saggy, empty breast next to it.


While it’s unclear what caused the 38J implant to pop, some fans are speculating Mary may have over-filled it using an expander.

Expanders are a feature of some implants that allow the patient to top them up themselves with saline via a needle and port in the implant.

‘My breast implant popped – again,’ said the Toronto native, who is scheduled to ‘have surgery to take them [both] out next week’.

Mary believes her burst implant is a ‘sign’ she should start embracing a more ‘natural’ look after a decade of transforming her body with surgery.

‘I’m going to go back natural in not only my boobs but other parts of my body, too,’ she told her 163,000 Instagram followers.

She also revealed during a livestream that it didn’t hurt when her implant burst, and she only realised what was happening when she heard a ‘pop’.

In the meantime, the OnlyFans star said she was enjoying her ‘uniboob’ era and even compared herself to an ‘alien’.


Meanwhile, fans expressed concern in the comments section.

‘Your body is literally telling you to stop,’ one concerned follower said, while another added: ‘Please remove. You’ll be in a lot less pain.’

‘I say take them out… leave your body alone,’ a third wrote.

Another told her to ‘go get that fixed… that isn’t healthy!’ while a particularly troubled fan said: ‘You’re lucky you’re still alive.’

‘Are you sure you’re fine?’ another asked.

Many fans were worried what had happened to the implant after it burst inside her body, but some with knowledge of breast augmentations insisted she would be okay.

‘What came out of it? Did it stay contained? Did it migrate anywhere else on your body?’ one asked.

Another follower replied: ‘It’s saline, so her body absorbed it and eventually she’ll just pee it out.’


The heavily tattooed model had her first procedure done at the age of 21, when she was working as a stripper and escort. (She is pictured before her transformation)


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