Home News Naira Scarcity Will Mar Elections, Mbaka To Buhari

Naira Scarcity Will Mar Elections, Mbaka To Buhari

Fr Mbaka

Naira Scarcity Will Mar Elections, Mbaka To Buhari

The Spiritual Director, Catholic Adoration Chaplaincy Enugu, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka has warned that the current naira crisis will mar the forthcoming elections if not addressed immediately.

Mbaka gave the warning during the first Sunday ministration at Adoration Ground, Umuchigbo Nike.

He lamented why President Muhammadu Buhari and the Federal Government commenced the implementation of the currency policy towards the general elections when they had eight years to implement it but waited towards their exit, adding that both the President and the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Godwin Emefiele will suffer if they don’t overturn the ongoing naira crisis in the country.

The cleric insisted that there was no justification for the unimaginable hardship the regime had brought upon Nigerians, querying, “do you think that if this situation continues, that Nigerians will do election?

“What is happening now is a coup d’etat on democracy. But who will say it? To buy pure water, will you do a cash transfer? Why mess up Nigeria because you people are going? Why didn’t you start it all the while? Eight years was enough for you people to stabilise it, wickedness. No job, no food, no house.”

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Mbaka lamented further, “People will suffer to make money and still suffer to take their money and there is still a country.

“I am giving both the President and the CBN Governor a mandate from heaven, if they don’t want to react immediately and stop this self-imposed wicked suffering on the people, they will suffer.

“What a rubbish; why do you multiply misery; people are sleeping in the bank to get their money; in which country has it ever happened? People are now selling money; not dollars; it is easier now to get dollars than to get naira; parents cannot have money to buy foodstuff for their children; I don’t know how many will be alive by the time the so-called new currency will come out. The new currency is not even good, the design very poor, the colour separation, rubbish.

“And everybody is talking election, election. Will dead men do the election? Men of God you better open your mouths. I have come back from monastery to see my people in suffering, in agony. It is time to tell Pharoah, ‘let my people go’,” he warned.

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He lamented that parents now spent their nights either in ATMs or in filling stations, stressing “you are killing people, what kidnappers are not doing; you are doing worse. People cannot access healthcare, by the time the doctor gets alert, the person is dead.”

He insisted that over 99 per cent of Nigeria population were ignorant of the new naira policy, while he insisted that it “is evil in the land. If you are not ready with the new naira, why push out the old naira?”

Mbaka regretted that he returned to learn that more Nigerians had lost their jobs despite the acclaimed job creations.

“The present government, I want to ask you, change, or you people will cry, what you are inviting, you cannot face it.

“The Hausas are crying; the Fulani are crying; the Yorubas are crying; the Igbos are crying; the Niger Delta people are crying; the Middle Belt are crying, who are you now leading?”

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