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Nancy Isime brags as she finally loses weight she gained for a movie

It was not butt surgery but weight gain for a movie role — Nancy Isime clears the air [video]

Beautiful actress, Nancy Isime is such an happy lady! The actress has taken to Instagram to brag about losing the weight she gained for a movie role

I gained weight for a movie role and struggled to lose it — Nancy Isime clears the air <p data-wpview-marker=
Nancy Isime brags as she finally loses weight she gained for a movie

She revealed she gained the weight in 2022 and found it difficult to loose it ever since then.

She also debunked reports she had a butt surgery.

Announcing the good news about her weight loss , she said;

”I’m Nancy Isime, Of course I achieve everything I set my mind on☺️

I’m a high Value Woman, Of course I set personal goals and smash them as I please☺️

I’m an Actor, Of course my body is also an expression of my art🥰

WE DID IT finally Guys!😩
I’m not gonna lie, deciding to add weight for a role in 2022 and lose it right after was a LOT more challenging than I expected it to be.
Took me wayyyy longer and wayyyy too much effort to get the weight off🥹
I was too sure I’d lose the weight in 2weeks, just before filming my next project at the time but yeah!
My metabolism failed meeee😭😅
I dragged the weight for over a year and across a few more projects😅😅
Never again!!!🤣🤣🤣

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Happy to be back at my healthiest weight, even smashing my Goal by at least 3 extra KG.
My goal was my 2020 No Sugar July Challenge results but we surpassed that.
Infact, na beg everybody dey beg me because na Supermodel dey my eyes now👀🤣🤣🤣

I would have given tips but I kinda like the narrative of my yansh bursting, adds a lirru Razzmatazz to my boring Online Personality🤣🤣🤣
Because what do you mean I’m just a girl who works hard, focuses on her craft, loves one man, keeps her circle tight, maintains her lane and Minds her Business 24/7…Nah!
Bring on the conspiracy theories please, just be a little creative, stop embarrassing your Secondary School principal😂😂😂

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To my realest Gees, thank you for your unwavering Love and support❤️
To many more crazy decisions 🥂😅”

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