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Netflix Star Jailed For Manslaughter

Netflix Star

Netflix Star Jailed For Manslaughter

Mexican Netflix star, Pablo Lyle has received a five-year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter after he punched a man during a road rage fight in Miami in 2019.

The punishment was handed down Friday, almost four months after the 36-year-old Netflix and soap opera star was found guilty.

He was initially looking at up to 15 years in jail for fatally punching Juan Ricardo Hernández Sr. in the middle of a street on March 31, 2019.

Mexican actor sentenced to five years for fatally punching man in Miami

Lyle previously sought a new trial following his October 4 conviction, but his petition was denied by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez.

Tinkler Mendez also hit Lyle with eight years of probation and conflict resolution management. He must also serve 500 hours of community service.

‘I am very sorry,’ Lyle said in Spanish, looking at some of the members of Hernández family who were in the court room, among them his son. ‘I always pray for him and for you, with all my heart.’

Lyle, who in the past starred in Mexican soap operas and played the lead role in the Netflix series, ‘Yankee,’ always claimed that he acted in self-defense because he feared that Hernández Sr. was going to attack him with a gun.

He was traveling to Miami International Airport with his wife, Ana Araujo, his brother-in-law, Lucas Delfino, and his two children when Delfino allegedly cut off Hernández Sr. on a highway.

Surveillance video footage taken at the time of the incident shows Hernández Sr. abandoning his car at a red light and approaching the driver’s side window.

It appeared as if Hernández Sr. was going to open the driver’s door when Delfino got out of his car and argued with Hernández Sr.

Delfino then ran to the car to stop it and Lyle followed by leaving the vehicle to confront Hernández Sr. and punched him in the face.

Hernández Sr., who was unarmed, was left lying on the floor alone as Lyle and his family drove away.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury and died four days later while hospitalized.

Mexican actor sentenced to five years for fatally punching man in Miami

During the sentencing hearing, Lyle’s wife, his brother-in-law and his sister addressed the court.

Lyle’s lawyers argued that he acted in self-defense. They also said that there were inconsistencies in the evidence during the trial.

However, Tinkler Mendez said that Lyle erred in judgement and acted ‘out of anger.’

‘The evidence shows that the action of Mr. Lyle was an act of violence,’ the judge said. ‘Mr. Lyle has to be held responsible for those actions.’

Lyle has 30 days to appeal the sentence

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