Home World News Nigeriens protest against foreign troops

Nigeriens protest against foreign troops

Nigeriensprotest against foreign forces

Nigeriens have protested against foreign troops in their country

Nigeriensprotest against foreign forces
Nigeriens protest against foreign troops

The protest took place in Niger’s capital, Niamey, where hundreds of people marched against foreign troops, including those from the United States, who have a base in the north of the country.

The protesters, backed by organizations close to Niger’s military rulers, demanded the departure of American and other foreign troops. They believe the ruling junta is listening to their concerns and wants foreign forces out.

This protest reflects Niger’s shifting stance towards the United States, as the country seeks security cooperation with Russia instead.

Nigeriens protest against foreign forces

One protester, Abdoulaziz Yaya, emphasized their support for the ruling military junta’s decision to ask foreign forces to leave.

Moumouni Amadou Gado, another protester, highlighted the difference in approach between the U.S. and Russia, suggesting that Russian cooperation might bring more progress.

While the ruling military council hasn’t officially ordered U.S. troops to leave, the arrival of Russian forces complicates matters. It raises doubts about future joint operations between Niger and the U.S. against insurgents.

In the past, Niger was a key U.S. ally, with significant American investment in military infrastructure and training. However, relations soured after a coup last year, leading to tensions over cooperation with Russia and Iran.

The protest underscores the evolving dynamics of international relations in Niger and the challenges facing U.S. influence in the region.

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