Ondo Election: Jimoh Ibrahim Blasts Mimiko, As Jegede Also ‘Responds’ You Don’t Belong To PDP


In an interview with Tunde Odesola and Toluwani Ebiola Billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim has expressed the shock that he is worried and dumbfounded about why Olusegun Mimiko is afraid of him. According to him, Mimiko’s family and his are very close and he supported Mimiko when he wanted to run for the post of the Governor in Ondo, but now that it’s his own turn to run, Mimiko has not supported him, despite knowing former President Goodluck Jonathan was the one that begged him to step down for Mimiko and that they will all support him to be Governor in 2016 but that is not the case now. However, in a separate interview with Peter Dada, Mr Jegede Eyitayo came for Mr Jimoh, saying he is NOT a member of their party- PDP. What Mr Jimoh said first and that of Mr Jegede below…

You are a good friend of Governor Olusegun Mimiko. Where did things go wrong between both of you?

I supported him financially, morally and through other means when he showed interest to be governor. I took him round. The current Secretary to the Ondo State Government emerged from my office here in Lagos. During the last election that was held in Ondo, I had prepared to be governor. I am happy that former President Goodluck Jonathan is still alive. He called me and said he wanted Mimiko to do a second term. He said people will be abusing us (Peoples Democratic Party) that we are not tolerant of the opposition. He said I should, please, allow him (Mimiko) to be governor. He said in 2016, he would roll out everything in my favour to be the state governor. Mimiko then came to my house at the Victoria Garden City, Lagos, and we took pictures together. I gave him advice on how to run the state. This is 2016. He is not talking about it (agreement) again. Continue…

After they described me as a mole in the PDP, and that I was working for President Muhammadu Buhari, the then President Jonathan stopped talking to me. I don’t know why Mimiko is afraid of me. He is my friend. Mimiko is very close to me and my wife. As we speak, he can walk into my house and ask for food. My wife would cook for him. My wife is very close to him. His wife is also very close to me. I was on an international flight when I saw his wife and daughter five months ago. We flew on the same flight. I bought gifts for her and her daughter. I flew first class, they were in business class; I went to check them twice in the plane to be sure that they were comfortable. After the flight, Mimiko’s wife and his daughter called to thank me. But Mimiko is heartless. I don’t know what he is scared of.

That of Mr Jegede Below…

The judgment of Justice Abang delivered on October 15, 2016, recognised Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party. Are you not worried by this development?

Firstly, I am not a party to the suit that led to the judgment of Justice Abang. I was not named there as a defendant and I do know, and stand to be corrected, that Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim was not a party to that suit. But then, there was a judgment that has to do with the state executive committee in the South-West. I know as a matter of fact, and you can confirm this, that that judgment of June 29, 2016 is in respect of the 2019 general elections. Again, there was no mention of Ondo State election 2016 in the entire judgment. So, I ask this question: How would those judgments affect the Ondo State governorship election, in which I remain the governorship candidate? I am aware that an application was made subsequently in the same court to amend the judgment. This is a matter that is now a subject of further proceedings. I would want to say less about this for now and allow the court to again have a look at what has happened. But there are some facts that cannot be discountenanced.

But the Ali Modu Sheriff faction is insisting that your name must be removed:

Go and look at the first and second judgments and check whether you will find Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) written in that judgment as a person whose name must be removed. I do know that there are some vague references. Try and confirm whether there was a specific reference to Eyitayo Jegede whose name has been published as the PDP candidate, whose name was accepted as PDP candidate. Also check again whether you will find the name of Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim as one of those who instituted the case, especially when he appeared as the beneficiary of the judgment. So, let’s wait and see.

Is Jimoh Ibrahim sponsored to ruin the party’s chances?

Well, I read an interview that Jimoh Ibrahim granted this year to Trace Magazine. In the interview, he said he belonged to Accord Party. He spoke on why he joined Accord Party and why he wanted to contest on the platform of Accord Party. So, honestly, I do not know. I say it frankly that I don’t know if he is a member of our party. I do not know at what point again that he became a member of the Peoples Democratic Party. From what I have seen and by his own clear admission, he represented to the whole world that he is in Accord Party but if now he claims to be a member of PDP, it is left for people to draw their conclusion.

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