Home Entertainment Real Warri Pikin drags Abuja single men over inability to marry

Real Warri Pikin drags Abuja single men over inability to marry

Real Warri Pikin drags Abuja single men over inability to settle down

Popular Nigerian comedienne, Real Warri Pikin (Anita Asuoha), has called out single men in Abuja for their reluctance to get marriedReal Warri Pikin drags Abuja single men over inability to settle down

In a recent video shared on her social media accounts, she expressed frustration that many men prefer having baby mamas over committing to marriage.

According to her, these men claim they are not emotionally available for marriage, yet they are willing to have children out of wedlock.

Real Warri Pikin lamented that many women in Abuja are ready for marriage, but the men are not interested.

She stated, “Abuja men, what’s happening to the dating pool? You’re scatterin’ it! You’re not ready to get married and committed. You’ll see a responsible girl, living her life, doing her thing, and you want to turn her into a baby mama!”

She criticized men who only want to have children without committing to marriage, saying,

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“They’ll say, ‘I just want to have a baby with you; you’re intelligent, I like you a lot. Have a baby for me.’ Is that a laboratory or chemical solution? Abuja men, the information reaching me is that you don’t want to settle down, and the girls are ready!”

Real Warri Pikin emphasized that women in Abuja are eager to settle down, but men remain opposed to marriage.

She added, “The girls are ready to get married, but all you tell them is, ‘It’s not you, it’s me; I can’t love you the way you deserve right now; I’m not emotionally available.’ But you’re available to use them for pleasure. What’s going on? You’ve been outside for too long, and these girls are complaining. They’re ready, but you say no, you’re outside, saying marriage is a trap. You’ve redefined marriage, God’s own institution!”

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She shared her own experience, having met her husband in Abuja and enjoying 11 years of marriage. “We many who are enjoying marriage. What’s happening, Abuja men? It’s not just about wearing native attire and walking around. You’re frustrating these girls. You see a serious girlfriend following you, understanding and respecting you, and all you think about is how to get her pregnant without marrying her. What’s going on? The girls are ready; good girls are still out there, forget the saying that there are no good girls anymore. Abuja men, what’s happening? I married and have been enjoying it for 11 years.”

Watch the video below:


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