Home Health News Nurse loses all her teeth to disease

Nurse loses all her teeth to disease

Schoolteacher loses all her teeth to disease

Annette Aldridge, 55, from Epping, Essex, faced a tough situation after her dentist removed almost all of her teeth. What started as a loose tooth ended with Annette losing her ability to eat and having to retire early due to suspected malnutrition.Schoolteacher loses all her teeth to disease

Annette, a nurse, was told she needed all her teeth out due to infection. Even with dentures, eating became a struggle, leading to a significant weight loss of two stone within four months.

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Schoolteacher loses all her teeth to disease

Despite trying different dentures, none fit properly, making it hard for Annette to eat during the day. Exhausted and unable to function properly, she had to retire earlier than planned.


Annette’s journey has been tough, marked by exhaustion and frustration. She’s faced numerous dental appointments and doctor visits, hoping for a solution, but with little success so far.

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As she continues to seek answers, Annette’s story highlights the challenges many face when dealing with dental issues and the impact it can have on daily life.

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