Texas skyscrapers dim lights to protect birds

    Texas skyscrapers dim lights to protect birds

    Texas, a crucial migratory path for billions of birds, faces a deadly issue: lit-up buildings. An incident in Galveston, where 395 birds d!ed after crashing into a tower, sparked the action.Texas skyscrapers dim lights to protect birds

    Bright lights attract and disorient birds during their night migration, causing fatal collisions. Texas sits at the crossroads of major bird flyways, amplifying risks.

    Skyscrapers and convention centers pose significant threats due to their size and illumination.

    Following tragedies, initiatives like “Lights Out, Texas!” emerged, urging businesses to switch off lights during migration seasons.

    American National Insurance, after the Galveston event, implemented night light policies.

    Collaborative efforts aim to mitigate collisions and preserve bird populations.

    Texas, with its vast urban centres, is a focal point for conservation endeavours. Through community engagement and data collection, Texans strive to make their skies safer for avian travellers.

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