Home Health News Woman left ‘one-eyed’ after brow tint

Woman left ‘one-eyed’ after brow tint

Woman left 'one-eyed' after brow tint

A woman ended up in the hospital blind in one eye after an eyebrow tint went wrong.Woman left 'one-eyed' after brow tint

Danielle Hubbard paid £12 for the treatment before her holiday to Malta but wasn’t offered a patch test. The next morning, her left eye was swollen shut, and her face was red and painful.

Woman left 'one-eyed' after brow tint

She got steroids at the hospital and took them for two weeks as her face healed. When she complained to the salon, they showed no remorse. The salon even tried to make her sign a waiver claiming she had the patch test.


Danielle tried to take legal action but found out the salon had no insurance, so she couldn’t claim damages. She’s frustrated and feels the salon shouldn’t get away with hurting her like this.

Although she didn’t have permanent scars, it took two weeks for her face to heal. Her holiday was affected too, as she felt too self-conscious to go out without covering her eyebrows.

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