Bobbi Kristina’s Family Shoots Reality Show Despite Bobbi Lying Unresponsive

    While Bobby Brown’s family is still grieving over the circumstances
    surrounding Bobbi Kristina, TMZ as learnt the family is also shooting a reality
    show. Sources tell TMZ Bobby Brown’s two sisters who loves fame are behind it, but Bobby will never show up in it.
    However, Bobby’s sisters, Leolah and Tina both have a history.
    Leolah is the one who went on the record blaming Ray J for
    Whitney Houston’s death, claiming he fatally fueled her cocaine habit. While Tina
    is the one who did a sit-down interview and claimed she did crack with Whitney. She also recently fought her son with a bottle at a hotel near the hospital
    where Bobbi is lying in coma. It’s however unclear if
    that will be on the show.
    It appears that they have not shot any video in the hospital,
    but they have regular debriefs at home on camera where they talk about the

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