Captive: Finding Purpose In Redemption


There are moments in our lives where we wish we could go
back in time, change the past, and stop the evils happening in our present. It
all starts with a mistake, a wrong turn and everything goes downhill from
there. In our brokenness, we try so hard to find our way back through the guilt
and pains, searching for the light that will break into the darkness within us!

Captive, an inspiring true-life based story tells of Ashley
Smith and Brian Nichols who found purpose in the midst of their search for
redemption from the sins that haunts and slowly eats at their souls.
Brian Nichols, a temperamental man and father of one is
caught up in a conspiracy and wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit.
Seeking revenge, he escapes prison and murders the judge that condemned him and
is now on the run from the law.
Ashley Smith is a drug addict and a mother of one, who lost
everything: her home, her husband, custody of her only child, and control of
her life. She seeks help from different support groups and it seems she is not
getting the help she really wants.
On the verge of giving up, she is approached by a woman in
the support group who shares a book by Rick Warren titled “The Purpose Driven
Life” which she believes will change Ashley’s life as it changed hers.
Disregarding the book and tired of searching for answers, she finds escape in
sniffing meth and takes life as it comes.
Until an unexpected episode brings the meth addict and the
murderer under the same roof for 7 hours; where they are forced to share their
flaws and become a force that will bring out the good in them and totally
transform their lives. For this purpose, they are faced with death,
condemnation, and rejection but have to overcome all to find redemption.
Watch this life changing story of the power of a modern day
miracle at the Rock Cathedral on the 1st of October, 2015. Entry is FREE and NO
Registration is required, but be there on time to save a seat. To find out
more, follow the conversation on Twitter using the #NigeriaOnPurpose. Stay

Visit to learn more and watch the
preview below. 

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