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Popular Kenyan Gospel musician, Daddy Owen accuses Nigerian Pastor of cultism, duping Kenyans

Kenyan Gospel musician

Popular Kenyan Gospel musician, Daddy Owen accuses Nigerian Pastor of cultism, duping Kenyans

This is a citizen.digital report, and below is how they put it;

Kenyan gospel musician Daddy Owen has revealed how a dubious Nigerian pastor almost duped him into joining a “cult.”

In a post on Tuesday, Daddy Own claimed that he was called by a man who identified himself as a pastor and invited him to a restaurant meet-up.

Then, a budding artist living in Buruburu Phase 3 honored the request and they met at a fine dining establishment. He describes himself as “young, guileless, and naive.”

The pastor’s first words inside the restaurant were “you don’t have a car?” in a raspy and hoarse voice.

Owen claims the pastor questioned him further, asking where he goes to church, to which the pastor replied, “That’s a boring church for such a vibrant young man like you.”

He was then invited to attend the pastor’s church on Ngong Road.

His first visit to the premise left him perplexed, as the faithful appeared chic and the ushers were astoundingly charming.

The preacher, “an Ogaa man”, who keeps on crowing about his riches throughout the sermon and how he is a hot shot in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

“Then he’s speaking about investments and why we should invest like him and how he can show us how to make money!” said Daddy Owen.

Owen claims that during the offering time, the faithful rushed to the altar to give a Ksh.50,000 “seed.”

After the service, he approached the “Ogaa man,” explaining that he could not afford to give the “seed,” but was told, “relax my son, I want to buy you a car!”

Despite his joy, Owen claims that what happened next was strange, as he was forced to reveal his contact list and even told to turn off his phone before the service began or the lights would be turned off.

He still hadn’t received the promised car two months later, and whenever he approached the pastor, he was shushed by endless tattle.

“Eventually I discovered he was looking for young influential people like me so that when he brings new members he says “u know even Daddy Owen fellowships with us” so I was there solely for credibility purposes,” says Owen.

He says that he even lost 3 his friends who unfortunately “went in too deep, lost all the wealth”.

“My 3 friends are learned, polished and cultured, but they left their big houses and started living with this man in Karen,” said Owen.

“He convinced them to sell all their properties. By the time he left all of them were poor, 2 recovered but one lady to date has never recovered.”

The pastor, Owen says, moved back to his country “after minting innocent Kenyans and converting them with some weird doctrine.”

“The congregants used to view this man as a man with super powers! They used certain language and codes, they dressed in a certain way, food and eating time was scheduled like a ritual!”

He considers himself fortunate because he was “deeper in understanding the true Word of God” and thus avoided being sucked into the “cult.”

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