‘Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinions’, IK Ogbonna Speaks On Fake Shirt

    Actor, IK Ogbonna, was recently ridiculed on social media when he was ‘caught’ wearing a counterfeit shirt. But the actor claimed he was unaware it was fake and his personal shopper should be blamed. However, many did not agree with his claims, stating that Ogbonna bought the shirt himself. In a chat with Sunday Scoop, IK maintained that the cloth was bought by his personal shopper and said;

    “As far as I’m concerned, everyone is entitled to their opinions. No matter what you say, people would always perceive it in different ways. I don’t owe anything to anybody. The only people I owe (explanations) are my family and myself. I am a hard-working person and when it comes to buying clothes, I rarely have that time, except whenever I travel. Every other person that is in my line of business doesn’t really have the time to go shopping. You would have someone that goes shopping for you and you would pay the person when he or she delivers the items. You send them pictures of the things you want and they would get them for you. CONTINUE…

    I have been using someone for some time now and when I told him about this mistake, he was shocked about it. Nobody would see something of that nature and go ahead to buy it. For me to wear the cloth means that I trust the person who bought it for me. It is so surprising that even my friends, who are very detailed, did not notice the flaw. I was at the club with a lot of people such as Jude Okoye; yet, nobody pointed it out. When I saw the picture online, I had to go back to look at the shirt and I saw the mistake.

    I put up a post online that I would get a replacement and over 100 people sent me private messages asking to be my personal shopper. I was quite bitter because I trusted the shopper and because of that, I didn’t go out of my way to scrutinise whatever he brought. These days, one can hardy tell the difference between original and fake clothes.

    It is easier to identify authentic items when it comes to bags and watches because you can always go on the Internet to make checks. This incident could have led to bigger embarrassments because there are some countries that you go to and they arrest you at the airport if they discover you have counterfeit items on you. There are people out there who have good and authentic stuff and I would be working with a few people from now on. I became paranoid after the incident and I had to properly check all the items he had bought for me. People should also learn from my experience and pay more attention to details.”

    On why he has refused to mention the personal shopper’s name, Ogbonna said, “If I mention a name, it is more like I’m advertising the person. The person follows me on Instagram and I am sure that he has gotten the message I meant for him. I posted the message on Instagram not to please my audience but it was directed to him. I don’t feel embarrassed or pressured about anything. I am a fashionable person and I always love to dress well. I always patronize Nigerian designers and whenever I see anything good, I go for it.”

    Maintaining that he has never been under pressure by fans to live up to a certain standard, he said, “You are only under pressure if you allow yourself to be. I am not under any pressure and I don’t categorise myself as a celebrity. I am IK Ogbonna and I have people who like me for what I do.”

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