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God is not a Christian – Popular Nigerian Pastor


Pastor Abel Damina, leader of Abel Damina Ministries International, has made controversial statements about Christianity and salvation.

During a recent sermon, he challenged the common belief that only Christians will enter heaven and claimed that God is not a Christian.

Damina argued that people reached heaven before Christianity began. He pointed out that the term “Christian” originated in Antioch, as mentioned in the Book of Acts, and was given by non-believers to describe followers of Paul’s teachings.

The pastor stated, “Many of you think God is a Christian. God is not a Christian. Many of you think if you are not a Christian, you won’t go to heaven, lie. People went to heaven before Christianity started.”

He emphasized that this realization should prompt believers to reconsider their theology.

Damina explained that biblical figures like Abraham, David, and even Jesus Christ weren’t called Christians during their lifetimes. Instead, they were known as disciples or believers. He used the example of the thief on the cross, who, according to Christian belief, went to paradise without being a Christian.

The pastor argued that the term “Christian” was coined by outsiders observing the transformation in Paul’s followers. Before this, they were simply called believers or disciples.

Damina listed several biblical figures, including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Abel, Isaiah, David, and Jesus, noting that none of them were Christians during their lifetimes.

Known for his controversial views, Damina often makes statements that prompt responses from other religious leaders.

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