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Mide Martins Speaks On Abandoning Mother’s Grave For 20 Years


Mide Martins Speaks On Abandoning Mother’s Grave For 20 Years

Nollywood actress, Mide Martins has finally addressed those criticizing her for allegedly abandoning her late mother, Funmi Martins’s grave for two decades.

Few weeks ago, actress, Ashabi Olorisha who is based in America called Mide Martins out on social media accusing her of neglecting her late mum’s grave for the past twenty years and also abandoned her younger brother despite telling the world that she is taking care of him.

However, in a recent interview she had with City People, Mide Martins debunked the claim she neglected her brother as she said that she has done things for him that she knows and she can’t kill herself because she is human.

Excerpt ;

How true is it that you are planning big for your late mum’s 20th remembrance but yet left her grave unkept?

And then she went on to talk about her brother…

I honestly can’t kill myself, I know what I am doing and I don’t need to start explaining what I have done to people. This same boy they claimed I abandoned, I know what I have done for him.

Whatever people like, let them say. I am trying my very best, I am also human and it is not as if I have everything, but the little I have I am doing my best. I still have a father and I am doing my best. Nobody cares about how he is feeding, I still have another younger brother, I have children too, so there are responsibilities for me here and there, but some people are just there to bring you down once they just hear a gist, they won’t even reason with that person in question and even think about other personal things that person is doing too. I am still doing the little I can do, will I kill myself?

Then all these stories about doing party, I don’t know about it.

Do you know how I celebrate my mum yearly?

Where will I get money to call Wasiu to celebrate 20 years of remembrance, won’t my children eat. Don’t I have other pressing issues and responsibilities? I am a hustler, who is always on the move, where do I have time for listening to rumours? People always call my attention to most of this social media drama.

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My mum’s 20th remembrance is May next year, please tell me where I am going to get money to pay Kwam 1 with the situation on ground.

Is it not when you have plenty you can afford Wasiu? Me, that I am managing myself?

I celebrate my mum yearly but I don’t make noise about it. I can even send this year’s remembrance video to your Whatsaap to prove I do it yearly without noise, because I know my responsibility and know what I need to do yearly to remember my mum, like prayers, giving alms, which I do, so because I don’t put it up on social media am a bad child.

I know people who I invite for prayers yearly for my late mum, and people I give alms for mum’s sake, so these people that are shouting, what do they do, at least I have videos to prove this. I want to see things they do for her.

Has anyone ever organised any prayer in her honour? If I am doing the right thing or wrong thing let them leave me to God to judge. It is only God that can judge us all.

When it is time for her 20th-year remembrance, I will celebrate it however God blesses me, I won’t go and borrow to remember my mum. I am the first child, however, I choose to remember my mum is definitely my business.

I can’t afford Kwam 1 fees, whichever way I decide to celebrate my mum is my business. The most important thing the dead needs is prayers. I do things the dead need yearly without missing it. I have proofs, let them bring their own out.

I can’t please everybody because I am human, so I will continue to do my best and leave the rest. I won’t do anything on social media to convince anybody otherwise. I am doing my responsibilities as Funmi Martins daughter. I am a hustler and I am doing the necessary things I need to do for the dead and not for social media drama.

I was actually planning to have an exclusive interview, that way I will be able to explain my own side of the story very well.

I believe when you are doing things right, whatever they say about you, God will judge the case. I actually wish to see Aunty Ashabi so I can ask her why she is doing all these because I am sure there must be something behind it. Because all she is saying is not true.

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She did a video one-time claiming I had something with Shina Peters and that was what killed my mum. She said I was dating Shina Peters, that was the news my mum heard, and she developed a heart attack and it eventually killed her. Why will she be doing things like that? So I don’t expect anything less from someone that can say all that. I will like to ask her where she got all that story from and why is she spreading a false story about me? Does she know what killed my mum? Does she know how long my mum was sick before she finally died? I have lots to say.

Was she very close to mummy before her death?

They were just colleagues in the industry. The person we are talking about is my mum, and I know her more than any other person when she was alive, it is not like they were very close.

When my mum was alive, she didn’t have any close friendship with anybody, except for myself and her own mother.

She confided in just the 2 of us. She didn’t have any best friends or close friends, it was just the normal industry relationship. I often follow her to location and they come to our house to shoot too, it is only when they meet on location they chat, unlike now that there is social media, WhatsApp and all that.

It was landline most people were using them, so at what point in time did they become best friends? I honestly wish to see her and ask her why she is doing all these to me and what exactly she wants from me. Why is she working on tarnishing my image?

Her first video went viral and people started saying I killed my mother.


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  1. This lady is stupid with her low budget pancake. You can’t kill yourself but you can force yiurself to buy cream and makeup. Look at the way your mother’s grave is. Do you think mercy aigbe will ever leave her own mother’s grave like that? Wait till she loses her mother, shame will catch you. How can you leave your own mother’s grave like that? O ju gba mi ti fun e


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