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You Made A Woman Beater Patron. But Suspended Moses Armstrong On ‘Hearsay’ – Prince Eke Tackles AGN President

Prince Eke Tackles AGN President

Nollywood Actor, Prince Eke has tackled the national president of the Actors Guild of Nigerian (AGN) Emeka Rollas saying he suspended Moses Armstrong on ‘hearsay’, but could make a woman beater, Senator Abbo a patron of the guild.

Eke says he no way supports r3pist, but Moses has not been found guilty of what he is accused off.

Reacting on the suspension, he wrote: “I just read on the blogs that @emekarollas suspended Moses Armstrong from the Actors Guild of Nigeria. In my school of thought, you don’t condemn a man based on mere allegations. Unless the suspension is SPONSORED.

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“Mind you, I DO NOT support r3pe or any form of child / s3xual molestation. I think this r3pe case should be looked into more critically instead of suspending him from a guild that should rather fight for him. If he is found guilty, then, he should be dealt with severely. I have daughters and would do anything humanly possible to protect my girls from s3xual predators.”

Eke then recollected how Emeka appointed Senator Elisha Abbo who assaulted a woman in an adult toy shop in July 2019 in Abuja, as a patron of the guild.

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“This same Emeka Rolas who suspended a member based on “hearsay “ on a case as sensitive as RAPE, is the same man who sometime years ago made a certain politician who beats up women here and there a Patron to Actors Guild of Nigeria. What a life! Until Moses is convicted by a jury, I’ll advice we stop this “bring him down” syndrome. For now. Moses Armstrong remains innocent until proven guilty by a law court.”

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