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Top 5 Football Players Who Love Casino Games

Top 5 Football Players Who Love Casino Games

Top 5 Football Players Who Love Casino Games

Betting can make any sport more fun and exciting, but what if you are a football player, coach or team member? How do the rules change for those who participate in matches?

The FA wants to maintain what is great about the beautiful game, therefore it has created betting restrictions to assist protect the game’s integrity and future. These rules apply to all football participants, from players and managers to match officials and club personnel.

However, the ban on betting on football did not stop many of them from trying their hand at sports betting. Their adventures often ended in rigorous penalties for violating the betting ban for those participating in sporting events.

On the other hand, playing casino games is not prohibited for athletes, so they are frequent users of online casinos, especially casinos that offer the best online casino bonus. Here are some of the most well-known football players who enjoy casino games.

Wayne Rooney

Former England captain Wayne Rooney has revealed that his gambling addiction nearly destroyed his career at one point. Rooney, who is now the manager of Derby County, claimed that he was simply sucked in by his early success as a gambler. The Manchester United record scorer began losing large sums of money and began “hunting for his bets” to try to recover it.

According to some English allegations, Rooney lost approximately 500,000 pounds during his gambling adventure. In 2008, well-known to all fans, Wayne Rooney lost 65,000 pounds in poker in just two hours.

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Top 5 football players who love casino games

Christiano Ronaldo

This is a name that every football fan knows very well. Ronaldo, whom many people admire as one of the world’s best footballers and athletes, is also an avid poker player. Ronaldo has always expressed a fondness for poker. While football was his world, poker was his game, he said. He also stated that he enjoys poker for the strategic aspect as well as competing against fans. This football superstar believes that poker is an extremely competitive and skill-based game, and he is pretty good at it. During the holidays, it is common to see him at the casino, but he prefers to play poker from home at an online casino.

Kyle Lafferty

When he was younger, this Kilmarnock striker was a huge fan of arcade games. He learned to play those enjoyable games, as well as slot games, before moving on to the casino to play online roulette. His fascination quickly evolved into high-stakes casino gaming. After obtaining a multi-million dollar contract with the Rangers, he quickly began to engage in other sorts of recreational betting.

Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique is without a doubt one of the most well-known footballers in Europe and the globe. The Barcelona defender has been in the spotlight for the past month due to his split with his long-time partner Shakira. Rumours say that the couple split because of infidelity in the relationship.

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Gerard Pique has a gambling resume that rivals that of many professional players. For years, the footballer has been playing poker and has had some success. The Barcelona star enjoys playing poker in both physical and online casinos because it gives him an adrenaline boost. Despite the fact that he is not a professional player, he has hit at least three large jackpots in a decade.

Top 5 football players who love casino games


Neymar, yet another football superstar on this list, is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the world. He is now a member of both the Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national teams. Even the finest players need to rest and unwind, so when Neymar isn’t playing football, he can be found playing poker with colleagues Cristiano Ronaldo and Gerard Pique. He enjoys playing poker online, but he also enjoys watching other players compete in real events.

Neymar is a very excellent poker player with good skills, despite the fact that it’s only for fun for him. Neymar not only scored over 300 goals on the field, but he also earned a large sum of money in a poker game in Brazil in 2019.

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