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17-Year Old Nigerian Boy Builds A Robot [Photo]

17-Year Old Nigerian Boy Builds A Robot

Isah Barde, a 17-year-old secondary school graduate in Kano State, has built a ‘robot’ from scraps, using cartons, pipes, LED, motor, aluminium, among others, as components.

Isah intends to study robotics and become an artifical intelligence expert, despite the financial barrier that stands in his way.

It has been three years since the teenage boy started inventing the robot, which he described as a part of his life aspirations, inspite of limited support.

He controls the robot by moving his hands.

“This robot is made of motor, cardboards, LED, copper wires, aluminium, pipes, tyres and wood,” Isah told Trust TV.

“They are things I got from people and one market called Jakara where you can buy things like a hair dryer that has been destroyed and use its motors,” he added.

Isah’s father, Auwal Barde, is proud of a budding ‘robotic engineer’ in the family, but lacks the financial wherewithal to help Isah live out his lofty dream.

“I don’t have the means to support him but I will be happy if he has the support elsewhere either (from) the government or individuals. I’m a poultry farmer,” he said.

It was learnt that Isah started showing interest in engineering at 8 and he has since been steadfast on honing his skills.

“I always support him when he is about to give up so that he will be something one day. In the future, we don’t know what he might create that will help our country at large,” Muhammad, Isah’s brother, disclosed.

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