Home Weird news Groom blasts bride for cheating with best man

Groom blasts bride for cheating with best man


Groom blasts bride for cheating with best man

A groom who revealed his newly wedded wife had been cheating on him with his best man got the ultimate revenge — revealing her disloyal ways to their guests during his wedding speech.

The shocking wedding drama was shared on the Unfiltered Bride podcast, hosted by Gloucestershire wedding planners Georgina and Beth, who were in disbelief over the tale, which they heard through a third party.

According to the podcast hosts, the furious groom announced his wife’s infidelity to all the guests by handing out photos of the bride having s3x with the best man.

“Groom stands up and says ‘Just before I like properly get started, there’s envelopes coming round now, if you could all open them up.

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Yeah, those are pictures of the bride f–ked the best man, so I’ll be leaving now,’” Georgie explained, telling the story in the clip.

The groom then abruptly stormed out with his entire family and left hers to foot the bill for the reception, per the tale’s retelling.

“The bride’s family paid for everything. Karma is a bitch,” the host said. “Karma is a bitch, the best man as well!”

The clip quickly racked up hundreds of comments, with users sharing their thoughts on the situation.

“I don’t blame him at all!! I’d do the same,” one user exclaimed.

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Others refused to believe the story was real.

“This is such an old urban myth,” one TikToker said doubtfully.

“I’ve seen this recirculating on Twitter for like ten years now,” another wrote.

Some users asked why he would go through with the ceremony if he had no intention of seeing the marriage through — but some TikTokers assured them if they hadn’t filed the paperwork, it wouldn’t be official yet.

“It would be annulled instantly, as long as he has his hands on the paperwork,” one person commented.

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