Banky W, Sasha Named Best Dressed


Yo! And am loving this. Rapper Sasha and Banky W have just been named best dressed female and male artist of the year by FAB at their just concluded event last night. Don’t I love this two? Hmm, I love Sasha so tey, I named my female dog Sasha, and the male one, of course Terry g, lol. I’m sure most people by now know I love Terry g, madness or no madness and that settles it. Just that I have decided to take it cool on him (publicity wise), especially now that I have decided to make this blog a networking one,lol. But that doesn’t mean I won’t sometimes smack him. Banky rocks!  We love him, and we can’t but thank him for making some of us fall in love with r&b music.

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