Home Entertainment Kim Kardashian’s daughter shows off her collection of expensive handbags

Kim Kardashian’s daughter shows off her collection of expensive handbags


Kim Kardashian’s daughter shows off her collection of expensive handbags

Her mother banned her from going live on TikTok without supervision after she filmed her relaxing in bed.

But North West was back to posting on Wednesday with some more supervision as she shared a taste of her family’s wealth with her 2.8 million TikTok followers.

The eight-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared a short video highlighting her pricy collection of handbags.
In North’s short clip, she approached an array of shelves on a wall that were covered with a stunning array of bags.

She applied a sparkling filter to the video, which made the bags gleam in the light, but it almost wasn’t necessary, as she appeared to have numerous handbags that were already decorated with sparkling sequins and studs.
‘These are my bags,’ she simply captioned the video.

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Among some of the more notable designs was a glittering Judith Leiber bag shaped like a slice of pepperoni pizza, which sells for around $5,700.

North had another Judith Leiber bag resembling the pumpkin carriage Cinderella rides in the classic Disney animated film, which costs about the same amount, along with a purple gummy bear–shaped bag from the same brand that costs close to $5,500.

There were also more traditional — but still colorful — designs, including a cream-colored Louis Vuitton clutch with a candy-colored pattern, and a Balenciaga bag that was obscured by Cinderella’s carriage.

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Among her silly food-inspired bags was another Judith Leiber bag covered in sparkles that was shaped like a doughnut, which costs just under $4,200.

North panned her phone from right to left and focused it toward the upper shelves, which featured several eye-catching scarlet bags.

She had some more reserved black bags on the top shelf, including a black patterned Dior saddlebag, which runs for around $3,800.


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