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Married Christabel Egbenya Says Her Children Comes Before Her Husband & She Won’t Kill Herself For A Man

Christabel Egbenya

Married Christabel Egbenya Says Her Children Comes Before Her Husband & She Won’t Kill Herself For A Man

Lol. I always say this, women who say my husband comes before my kids are just the lazy ones (sorry o). But truth is women who sing songs like that are very lazy, so we understand why he comes first, lol.

It’s normal for you to love your husband with your whole heart, but you see the love of a child? Wow! It’s something most women can’t explain. Most women even love their children more than themselves. Well just saying, because I love the way Christabel isn’t joining the lying group despite her husband will see this, lol.

It’s even only a selfish man that will say a woman should love him more than she loves her children.

Please believe me, I have heard a man say, see you must love me more than our children! Excuse me??? This is my own flesh!! My own blood!! You wey no be permanent property LOL. Let’s get to ChristabeL’s words jare, but sincerely, I love how blunt she is. Abi, when are we going to start saying the truth? Is it until we get to Heaven? Lol.

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So Nollywood actress Christabel Egbenya has revealed she can’t trade her life for any man, and even if she catches her husband with a side chic, she won’t fight him or the lady.

She says she will walk away and wait for him at home.

Emphasising on how a man will mourn you for a short while if you die because of him as a woman, Christabel says the kids in the marriage should be put in consideration, asking who will take care of them if you die because of your husband.

Narrating her stand on Yourtube, she said; “Any friend that calls to tell me she saw my man with his side chic in a hotel wants to kill me. No! Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Even if you truly saw them, I don’t want to know. If I am the one that caught them together, I will not fight the girl in the public. The person I have issues with is my husband. I’ll go home and wait for him to come back, then we can sort it there. Because my husband already knows who I am. Why would I chase the girl or my husband, when I know we live in same house?”

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She added, “I love my life so much, if anything happens who would I leave my kids for? I can not play with my life just because of a man, it is not possible. If anything happens to you, the man would only mourn you for a while and then move on to the next woman.

“Women should learn to love themselves and be happy with themselves first. I will not trade myself because of a man. I love myself so much, after me, my child comes before my husband and not the other way round.”

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