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Ooni Of Ife Marries Ex-Beauty Queen, Tobi Phillips, As His Third Wife [Photos/Video]

ooni of ife wedding

Ooni Of Ife Marries Ex-Beauty Queen, Tobi Phillips, As His Third Wife [Photos/Video]

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has married ex-beauty Queen, Tobi Phillips, as his third wife.

The marriage ceremony took place yesterday, Sunday October 9.

This comes weeks after he got married to two women, Olori Mariam Anako and Olori Elizabeth Opeoluwa Akinmuda.

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Recall we had told you Ooni will be marrying two women this month before his 48th birthday.

His second marriage this month, will take place on the 14th of October, and will be to Ashley Adegoke, which will automatically be his 4th wife in the palace.

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  1. Radarada, rederede! When a purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable! This guy does not deserve this throne! How insensitive can a monarch be? With the situation in Nigeria, marrying multiple wives is what is paramount to this man. Tueh! Some
    Monarch are busy sensitizing their subject on who to vote to bring peace and prosperity to Nigeria, his own priority is marrying multiple wives! God punish Tinubu for imposing this man on the entire Yoruba land. Everyone Tinubu instal against the wish of the people are in one way or the other bringing pains to the people. May he not get there!

  2. I have said it numerous times that these slackers have nothing to offer their communities, Yoruba people, their purpose is outdated. The Monarchy system in Yoruba land is a forgotten conclusion, what is their benefit? O. This dude and others in Yoruba Land have lost my respect, Yorubas are educated, enlightened and sophisticated to carry this obsolete Monarchy nonsense to our dream ” Oduduwa Republic,” aka Nigeria. That’s why whenever one of them dies the contestants to the Throne in Yoruba Land aka Nigeria fight tooth and nail to ascend the Throne to all corrupt benefits, women, salaries, to mention but few. This dude here has turned Ile Ife to ” Owanbe.” capital city of the World. He dresses extravagantly with his wives and girlfriends, jewelry, gold watches …… not culture all or tradition – all and they lie to them subjects they are following some culture and tradition. Yoruba people should tell me which other Monarchs in Nigeria parties like this dude weekly? O. Let Heavens fall we Yorubas don’t need this corrupt outdated out of touch culture no more. It should be abolished. Yorubas should set the pace to other regions in Nigeria to ditch this obsolete system.


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