Home Uncategorized Adeboye Reveals Difference Between Demons In Nigeria, London

Adeboye Reveals Difference Between Demons In Nigeria, London

Adeboye Reveals Difference Between Demons In Nigeria, London

Adeboye Reveals Difference Between Demons In Nigeria, London


The General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye has explained the difference between demons in Nigeria and London.

He said the demons in Nigeria are illiterate and are easily recognisable, those abroad were literate and not easily recognisable.

Adeboye spoke at the RCCG August Special Thanksgiving Sunday Service.

He narrated the story of a man that came to the RCCG years ago, who swallowed a charm to make money.

“He said he went to swallow a charm to make money and they told him that he would be very rich but that he will die after 7 years and he agreed to swallow it, at least 7 years of enjoyment and he swallowed it and instead of getting rich, nothing happened, years after years, every time people are shouting, Happy New Year! He will shout one year is gone.

“The thing he swallowed was biting him, so he came and we said, we know somebody who can drive that thing out, every plant that God has not planted will be rooted out, would you give your life to Jesus, he said, even before you say so.

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You know you can deceive the General Overseers but you can’t deceive God, but God is a God of mercy, occasionally he will give you a miracle on credit.

“‘So, we prayed a simple prayer and he vomited the thing and the thing he vomited began to jump trying to run away, we had to pursue it and catch it and then we burnt it. Everything God has not planted in your system; it is coming out this week. The man jubilated a lot, he was singing and shouting. After sometime we didn’t see him in Church anymore, what happened? So, we followed him up.

“Brother, what happened? Oh, they told me I swallowed that one wrongly. Really! You mean you have swallowed another one, he said yes. Okay! I’m telling you, the money came, we tried our best to bring him back to the Lord, instead he will say if you need money ask me, we said no, we don’t want money.

“When the seven years were almost expiring, he thought he was clever, he said this demon can only operate in Nigeria, he said he will run to Britain, you know there is money, he said the demons can only operate in hot weather, over there it is cold.
“You know there are people who think that demons are only in Africa, they think they can’t operate abroad. I told them, there are demons everywhere, the only difference between the demons in Nigeria and the demons in London is that the demons in Nigeria didn’t go to school, they’re illiterate and they’re easy to recognize.

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“The demons in Nigeria can marry 27 wives in one day, it is easy to recognize, but you won’t find anybody in Nigeria marrying his dog, it is over there that you would see those kinds of demons.

“Anyways! He thought there were no demons over there. He died on the plane! The rejoicing of the wicked is for a short time, if you want your jubilation to last forever, you better give your life to Jesus Christ, let His blood wash away your sins, then you can have a permanent jubilee for the rest of your life.”

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