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Baby Born In February With Heart-Shaped Red Birth Mark On Her Tummy

Birth Mark

Baby Born In February With Heart-Shaped Red Birth Mark On Her Tummy

It’s perhaps the most fitting symbol a February born-baby could ever have.

So it’s no surprise that midwives couldn’t believe their eyes when Jorgia Welch was delivered with a heart-shaped birth mark.

It sat on the left side of her tummy, in line with her belly button.

Medics told 37-year-old mother Jayne and her partner Joe, from Stoke-on-Trent, that the heart would likely disappear with age.

Birth Mark

But Jorgia’s symmetrical birth mark has only grown in proportion to her and remains clearly visible ahead of her first birthday next week.

 Birth Mark

Jorgia was born on February 22 last year, arriving three days early via a planned C-section.

Ms Welch, a care assistant, said: ‘The heart-shaped birth mark is on Jorgia’s tummy and midwives couldn’t believe it when they spotted it.

‘We knew we were having a girl and the paediatrician was amazed when they noticed the red marking on Jorgia’s tiny tummy.

‘When she was first born, it was only a little red mark, but in a perfect heart shape.’

Since then, the mark has kept growing and is now slightly raised, she said.

Birth Mark

Ms Welch added: ‘Doctors thought it would fade, but it hasn’t disappeared or faded.

‘Jorgia is growing up quickly, it’s grown with her and in perfect proportion.

‘She is very cheeky and so funny and Joe is smitten with her. She is a real daddy’s girl.’

Jorgia’s birth mark has been the talk of her midwives and health visitors since she was born, her mother said.

Ms Welch added: ‘Everyone who meets her loves it and always wants to see it.

‘She is known as “the little girl with the perfect love heart” and we are grateful there are no medical concerns about it.

‘It’s just a beautiful and unique part of her.’

Now, almost one, Jorgia has started to notice her unique strawberry birthmark and is quite fascinated by it.

Ms Welch said: ‘She pokes it in the bath, and since she has developed a pincher grip, she has tried to take it off.

‘We have explained to her, it’s stuck to her.

‘It’s a very special, unique part of her.’

Birth Mark

Ms Welch is now planning to get a love heart tattoo on her left side, copying her daughter’s unique birthmark.

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