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Baby Born With IUD In His Hand [Photos]

Birth Control

Baby Born With IUD In His Hand

A 20-year-old woman who got pregnant while on birth control has detailed the shocking moment her baby was born – with her IUD in his hand.

Violet Quick, from Idaho, married her husband John Francis at 19, and while the two lovebirds weren’t planning on having a child, just one year into their marriage they were met with a surprise when the now-mom-of-one learned she was expecting.

Birth Control

Violet and John welcomed their baby boy Rudy one week ago and in a viral video, which has amassed 22.8 million views, the new mom shared footage of their son clasping her contraception device just moments after he was born.

She revealed that Rudy left even the nurses in shock as they all rushed to see her IUD baby.

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‘When all the nurses come in to see a baby with his IUD,’ Violet captioned the video.

Birth Control

In a series of videos, Violet revealed that she decided to take a pregnancy test out of precaution because she had been nauseous for the past two weeks.

‘So I had my Skyla IUD for nine months before I got pregnant and the reason that I decided to take a test was because I was feeling nauseous for about two weeks and I would just throw up every once in a while.

‘I didn’t know what was going on and so I took a test and it was positive right away,’ the 20-year-old explained.

Not fully believing she was pregnant, Violet was stunned when she saw the positive result and proceed to take six more tests to confirm her results.

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‘They were all positive and I actually went to the ER and I was seven weeks pregnant,’ she explained.

She advised her over 6,000 followers to ‘take a test,’ if they were experiencing any symptoms, even if they were on birth control.

‘I would say if you are having any of those signs of pregnancy or if your period is late to take a test.

‘It’s better to know because there is a high risk of having ectopic pregnancies when you have an IUD, but they work for the most part, someone has to be the .01 per cent and that’s me and my baby,’ she added.

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