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Inside Man City Star Benjamin Mendy’s “Isolated” £4.8m Mansion Where He ‘R3ped Victims In Panic Rooms’ – Including ‘3 Victims In Same Night After Pool Party

Benjamin Mendy

Inside Man City Star Benjamin Mendy’s “Isolated” £4.8m Mansion Where He ‘R3ped Victims In Panic Rooms’ – Including ‘3 Victims In Same Night After Pool Party

This is the “isolated” mansion where Benjamin Mendy allegedly r3ped multiple women – some as young as 17.

The Manchester City defender’s trial at Chester Crown Court began on Monday as the jury heard how Mendy’s former home in Cheshire, known as The Spinney, was “part and parcel” of how he and co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie “were able to gain control over their victims.”

The pair are accused of using tactics such as taking victims mobile phones or taking them to bedrooms believed to have been locked, leaving the women feeling “vulnerable”.

The prosecution went on to claim Mendy had r3ped one accuser in his cinema room, while others were raped after a pool party at his mansion. Two of the rooms in his house were said to be used as ‘panic rooms’ which had a sophisticated locking system that could only be opened from the outside.

Benjamin Mendy

Two of the women said they had been in locked rooms, the master bedroom and the downstairs office or study, when they were assaulted.

Mendy, 28, stands trial accused of eight counts of r3pe, one of attempted r3pe and one of s3xual assault between October 2018 and August 2021 – charges he denies. Matturie, 41, has also pleaded not guilty to eight counts of r3pe and four counts of s3xual assault relating to eight women between July 2012 and August 2021.

The court heard how Matturie played an alleged role as a “fixer” for Mendy, who both “engineered situations” to prey on young women, with the 13 witnesses having an average age of 20 years and nine months. Timothy Cray QC said in the prosecution’s opening statement how “the stream of women they [Mendy and Matturie] brought to their homes existed purely to be pursued for s3x.”

Benjamin Mendy

Mr Cray continued: “Mendy was playing for Man City. This was a period of success, where he enjoyed a privileged and moneyed lifestyle. The doors of restaurants and nightclubs were open to him, people wanted to be with him. Saha was part of that world, contacting girls, ringing girls.

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“We say these defendants weren’t in some happy state of s3xual ignorance – they knew very well what they were doing,” Cray said. “They turned the pursuit of women for sex into a game and if women got hurt or distressed – too bad.”

The court was shown bodycam footage of the gated mansion which is 17 miles south of central Manchester out in the countryside – 15 minutes walk from the nearest village. The prosecution told how the pair targeted women who were “very drunk” to the point they had “little or no memory of what was going on because they were asleep or waking up from sleep”.

Benjamin Mendy

The court heard how Mendy held a pool party at The Spinney on July 23, 2021, where he is accused of ra3ing a woman in her early 20s and two women in their late teens.

The woman in her early 20s, who alleged she was offered money by Saha to stay at Mendy’s house, claims she was raped in the cinema room at his house.

Mr Cray said: “Mendy says to her ‘Lets go downstairs and look at the pool and the gym’, which takes her away from the main body of the party. She seems to have known something is up because she tells a friend ‘if I’m not back in five or ten minutes please come looking for me’.”

The court heard they went to the cinema room and started kissing but “straight away” Mendy took his shorts off and the alleged victim claims she told him she didn’t want to have sex with him. Mr Cray said: “That was not putting Mendy off, he persisted in his demands she should have s3x with him. She effectively submitted to it. He kept on saying ‘Do it, do it’.”

The court heard the woman’s friend did go looking for her but she alleged she couldn’t get downstairs because two of Mendy’s “associates” were blocking the stairs.

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Mendy then went to Manchester nightclub Chinawhite. He then returned to his home in the early hours of the following morning, inviting a number of young women back, one of whom alleges he r3ped her in his living room whilst holding her arms behind her back, telling her “don’t move”.

Another witness claims Mendy took her phone and headed upstairs to a master bedroom after going back to his house in October 2020. Once there she asked for her phone back, to which he said he would return it if she got n3ked. She stripped down to her underwear before Mendy is alleged to have r3ped her.

Cray said: “In this day and age, no one can doubt, can they, that ‘no means no’. “That’s no longer some sort of grey area, or some sort of open door for a man to push through regardless.”

He said: “Everyone should have that basic choice that basic dignity, the right to say ‘no’ to s3x. And you don’t lose that right because you’ve been to a bar or dressed for a nightclub or gone to a footballer’s house.

Benjamin Mendy

Mr Cray said the prosecution case was that the defendants “were prepared to cross that line” of consent “over and over again”.

“It is another chapter in a very old story, men who rape and s3xually assault women, because they think they are powerful, and because they think they can get away with it,” Cray added.

“To the defendants, the powerful, the feelings and emotions of the victims counted for nothing. These women were disposable, things to be used for s3x, then thrown to one side. That was the effect of deliberate, planned, choices the defendants made and the desires they let loose many times.”

The trial, which is expected to last over three months, continues.

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