Home News It’s deceptive to think Nigeria can’t witness another military coup – Group

It’s deceptive to think Nigeria can’t witness another military coup – Group

It’s deceptive to think Nigeria can’t witness another military coup – Group

A pro-democracy group, the Campaign for Democracy, has warned against allowing another military coup to take place in Nigeria as a result of the challenges currently facing the country.

The group said what was happening in some West African countries, where the military had taken over the governments, should be an opener for the Nigerian government to resolve the country’s challenges to prevent the possibility of a military coup.

This was contained in a statement by the Secretary-General of the CD, Ifeanyi Odili, in Ondo.

The statement was titled, ‘Save Nigeria from another military incursion’.

According to the statement, in 2023, Nigeria will need a president who will not divide the country.

The statement read in part, “Taking a cue from the ongoing wave of military coups d’etat in some African countries with the silence maintained by the Western powers, it can be readily concluded that Nigeria’s democracy is heading towards doom if all hands are not on the deck to check the recklessness and maladministration by the government in Nigeria.

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“It will be suicidal for Nigeria as a nation and for Nigerians if all right thinking people sit back and allow the present pilots of Nigeria’s affairs to continue with all the widespread evils brought to our dear country.

“It is regrettable that Nigeria as a nation has never had it this bad. The military days were bad, but it is worse under the present democratic government in Nigeria. It is so sad that most of us, who agitated for democracy, are regretting our actions due to the irresponsible and rascality of the executive arm of the Federal Government.

“Nigerians are at loggerheads with one another. There is no more trust; many Nigerians have lost confidence in our nationhood. The Federal Government has demonstrated its tyranny, despotism, nepotism and oppression against some geographical zones. Our federal character has since been bastardised on partisan politics.

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“Shall we continue to watch our nation coasting towards a chaotic situation, fragmentation and utter confusion, thereby creating room for military incursion? We make bold to say that it is a huge illusion to say that the once rejected khaki boys cannot strike again. It is already happening in some African countries with no Western opposition.

“We will not be off-mark to say that the military may hide under the recklessness and corruption, which have always been, to truncate our hard earned democracy.”

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