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Singer Paul Okoye advises men to change the narrative as he shares thoughts on modern relationship 


Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, known professionally as Rudeboy, recently shared his thoughts on modern relationships and marriages through his Instagram story.

The artist expressed concern over the increasing financial expectations placed on men in romantic relationships.

Okoye commented on the trend of women setting high financial standards for potential partners, saying, “The rate at which they keep saying man must be this financially, money bla bla bla before getting married or into relationship is alarming.”

In response to this trend, the singer encouraged men to “change the narrative.”

He advised, “Dear kings!! Change the narrative, chase money, make money and look for a rich girl. Make everybody go hustle.”

Okoye’s statement suggests a shift from traditional expectations where men are often seen as the primary financial providers in relationships. Instead, he proposes a more balanced approach where both partners contribute financially.

His comments have sparked discussions about evolving gender roles and expectations in modern relationships, particularly in the Nigerian context.

See some reactions from netizens:

amagracie said: “You should have taken your own advise.”

_kkitan_ stated: “But this guy settled for slay queen”

cheta_of_pitakwa said: “I no know say Ify nah billionaire oo”

dahcoochiehub said: “Why you no look for rich girl?? Instead you go carry person wey be say if toh say you born early, you go born her 😂😂😂”

mostfortunate_ said: “This Paul no fit get character! Always ranting and acting pained on his posts.”

ogdecorr said: “The advice na for men, I wonder why e dey pain women 😂”

hes_black said: “Everytime chase money,where you see am for road to chase?”

iye.360 said: “Yes oooh make everybody go hustle…..women go hustle and have your own money…you were not created to depend fully on a man….haba…have some self respect

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